Blue Blazes – 01

just look at this smug bastard

Script (note: we didn’t try this out with the D-A encode, but it should work fine)

Blue Blazes (Aoi Honoo) is a currently airing drama adaption of a manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto (Blazing Transfer Student, Skull Man), written and directed by Fukuda Yuichi (The Hero Yoshihiko, Hentai Kamen, etc). It’s an autobiographic manga about Shimamoto’s college days in Osaka Arts University, where he met and interacted with people like Hideaki Anno, a good deal of members of GAINAX and other future anime personalities.

Per the norm on japanese dramas (and Fukuda Yuichi shows in general), we expect this show to run for 10-12 weeks tops. Also, as it’s an adaption, it shouldn’t be crammed up the wazoo with Fukuda’s pop-culture guacamole! I mean it’ll have some, but nothing like having to dig references out of thirty years worth of Kinpachi-sensei hopefully

Anyways! We’ll try and whip up some notes and trivia before the next episode airs, but for the time being here’s an antiquity related to the episode: an unsubtitled and remastered copy of Anno’s student film “Ultraman Returns”. The original was directed by Anno (who also played the main character), with special FX direction by Shinji Higuchi, who’s nowadays a big name in Japan regarding special effects.

Blazing Transfer Students
HeatMetal – Translation
SommenRider – Editing
Ignis – Timing/TS/QC
Kyouju – Encoding
And a special thanks to capper-kun for getting the caps on such short notice!