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Edit: tl;dr taking down the SDs from [O-T]SubRoid, as they’re the least demanded files on the bot. This would free up roughly 128GB of data. Poll’s results. We’ll be rehashing the whole packlist in October 3rd, 11PM CST. Grab any SDs you might need from the bot til then!

SDs will continue to be made available via torrents as usual, we’re just not gonna put them on the bot anymore. You can poke us if you need a reseed for any of our SDs.

Blue Blazes – 09

Don't do this at home, kids

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About the Wonder Masumi short: it’s not a short by any of the Gainax guys (or anyone famous, to our knowledge). I suspect Fukuda had that girl (Kojima Haruna) cast as Wonder Masumi because she’s done a buncha commercials for a brand called Wanda (hurf), and that’s a thing Fukuda would do.