Special Police Dekaranger – 06

Deep in thought.


As a bonus, here’s episode 6 of police people, water people, aliens, budget, and a random quote from Producer Tsukada about the mysteries of cutting cars into half, taken from the production blog. Enjoy!

In episode 6 we cut a car in half. From two angles, horizontally and vertically. If you tried doing it without the proper knowledge, it’ll probably explode, so try not to do it. Though I doubt you would. According to Mr. Kurata who is in charge of vehicles for production at Asahi, before you cut it you have to remove the wiring as well as the pipes for the radiator, meaning it’s a lot of work. If an amateur was to try it (they wouldn’t though) gasoline and coolant would get everywhere. I see! I had a feeling that cutting the car would be a real trial, but if you leave it to professionals, it gets done. And so, it was taken care of.

Using “real” props really does leave a stronger impact. When you film something that physically exists it gives that much more of an impression. We considered alternative approaches that could let us film “around” having to show it, but I’m glad we put the extra effort into it, despite the ongoing battle against the budget.