Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Acts 21-24 and More (Bluray)

In an effort to better understand his Origami, Genta has taken on the mindset of a crab.

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Along with these episodes comes Kamen Rider Decade 24 and 25 along with the Shinkenger movie. The viewing order should be Decade 24, Shinken 21 and then Decade 25. The movie should be watched after Act 24. As a special treat, Gustavaum was able to get an HDTV cap for the movie. If there’s ever a Bluray release for it, it will be updated, I can assure you that. If you’d rather watch it with the DVD raw, there is a script available for it in the linked folder synched with the BunnyHat raw. Thanks also go out to KouAidou for the translation of Decade’s OP.

And now marks the halfway point for the series.

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Kamen Rider Drive – 01

Behold gravity, in all its glory!

Patch | Script

Thus begins our slow descent into loathing the fuck out of Taiyou ni Hoero and Seibu Keisatsu.

Patch’s much bigger than usual to fix the audio issue with the raw. Enjoy~

Special Drive Unit

Translation: HeatMetal
Timer: sgtrudolfs
Editor: Steel A Finish Stronger Already Jeeg
Typesetting/QC/Making Jeeg Do Stuff: ShinkenAnon, Ignis
Encode: GuSTaVauM


Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun – Special Anime First Issue



3min OVA included in the Nozaki-kun blurays, this is a continuation from the show’s last episode.¬†We’ve tried to stick to Crunchy’s stylistics, so the script uses honorifics.

This was unfortunately the only raw source we could find, which I believe is a FLV rip from a chinese youtube. It’s watchable though, unless you’re an extreme quality nerd. May it remind you of ye olde times, where people had to make do with VHS exchanges and Real Media files that were the size of a floppy disc.

If a better raw shows up (please), we’ll redo the release with it.