Kamen Rider Drive – 48 (END)

Thank You, Guys.

Patch | Script

While the show technically ended last week, the staff saw fit to add an epilogue to this story. Ghost is also around, because reasons. 

Things left to do, coming whenever it is that they show up:

  • Surprise Drive aka the summer movie (coming out on bluray/dvd in January)
  • The requisite Movie Taisen crossover featuring Drive and Ghost, which will probably be out sometime next year
  • Type High Speed, we already have a draft for this but the editor hasn’t gotten around to look at it yet. Thanks again to our anonymous middleman who helped us track this sonuvabeastie.
  • The remaining Secret Mission specials on Bluray. Huge thanks to OZC for providing us with the sources for these.
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe Type Lupin. Big maybe. Damn thing is mail-in like High Speed, and getting High Speed took forever and a half, so we’re probably not bothering with this one unless a raw pops up somewhere
  • The Chase special coming up in April

Things we won’t be doing

  • Any stage show, concerts or live shows related to Drive, this includes but is not limited to the stage show released in december, the live&shows, the final stage show…
  • This (lowest of low budget clipshow with a handful of narration, no actual new scenes or anything, so basically nah)

Hope you guys enjoyed the ride!

Shin * Kanpai Senshi After V (Trailer)



The police and Self-Defense Force were powerless against evildoers hellbent on ruling the world.
A new organization was created to defeat these villains…
The Golden Soldiers Treasure V: a team of five combat specialists.
However, their drinking parties after battles became better known than the battles themselves, and they’ve become known as the Cheers Soldiers, After V!

We’ll be doing this show’s new season in October, as a joint with the lovely guys at Megabeast Empire who worked on the first season.

Never heard of this before? Did the quote above and the trailer sound like something you’d like to watch? Here’s the batch for the first season!


A technical addendum: although the first airing in Japan for this show is on Saturdays (starting 10/3), we’ll be getting instead a recording from a later airing on Mondays (starting 10/5), for logistic reasons. The capper who originally provided our encoder with the first airing during the previous season has also retired, and they were the only contact we had for that particular television network; getting a first airing recording would prove difficult, and it’s also half a day away from SHT, so eff that noise

Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters – Full Series Batch

Ever so ready

HD | SD | Scripts

We never did get around to do this batch since there’s like two muxed sets with the BDs already, but since people asked and just for completion’s sake, here we go. The SD is due later tuesday 22nd assuming I don’t forget about it

Batch’s basically untouched. There was an attempt several years ago (cripes, it’s really been that long) where we were about to joint the blurays with a brazilian group, but the joint died along with the brazilian group, and nothing else really came out of it. We don’t really have the manpower or the time to go at them properly like we’d want to, so it’s unlikely we’ll ever get the chance to do them. ‘Tis life.

On the bright side, our brazilian brethren are now (most likely) earning mad dough and being cool brazilians on other endeavours, so peace to them and obrigado