Shuriken Sentai Ninninger – 01 SDv2



So, somehow I forgot to install the fonts for this show before encoding the SD the first time, making everything wonky. I mean you got this instead of this. Also my x264 L-SMASH binary apparently forgot how to make mp4s that actually play even a little, so getting this out (also 03SD) has been a bit of an adventure.

And heck, it’s been two weeks now, so nobody’s going to check the old post for an update. Apparently there were typo fixes and such between when the first version came out and when this got encoded, so for once SD people get that and HD people have to deal with it (or just remux from the script repo, whatevs).

I mean, really the reason this is getting its own post is so I can use that release image since people keep asking that exact question, but the rest of the above is important too.