Ultraman Ginga – EX

Even monsters gotta train and get good

1080 | 720 | SD

aka New Ultraman Anthology episode 35. It’s a special that takes place after the ending of Ultraman Ginga, and focuses on Kenta and Chigusa and some monsters left behind.

Huge thanks to Champstice from MBE and Kilowog from MCS, whose help made subtitling this special possible.

Regarding future Ginga stuff: the only two things we’re considering at the moment are both Theater Specials for Ginga (to complete the specials set), but they’re low priority and won’t be done in a while, as we don’t have the staff available for it right now. We’re not planning on taking any other Ginga-related stuff anytime soon (including Ginga S, Ultra Zero Fight, etc).