ZERO — Black Blood – 05-06

Suit up.

05 HD | SD | Script
06 HD | SD | Script

SD v2s of 1-2 with more Cain and less Kai are encoding as I publish this, will get HD patches and probably batches up in the morning. Well, my morning, as it’s 6am now and I’m heading to bed. This was going to be delayed for reasons, but for less reasonable reasons is perfectly on schedule as later scheduled works are crammed upon one another.

Don’t know what I’m rambling about? It’ll be a surprise then!

Power Rangers Samurai – Episode 01

Rangers Together!


Ignis Edit: Look at the date, etc etc. This came as an extra on the Shinkenger bluray set to advertise the JP dub, and we figured “eh, why not?”. The subtitles are taken from the english closed captions, the only thing that we did translate was the advertisement at the end.

For those who’d still want to have their retinas burned to hell, feel free to select arzine from the Theme Switcher. Due thanks to Makhazol as well, for providing the awesome artwork included in it.

The original words by ShinkenAnon:

Shinkenger is old news now and, frankly, I’d be surprised if people even remember it. It’s time that Over-Time looks forward to what’s more recent on Japanese TV. After the announcement of the Power Rangers Samurai DVD set finally being released in Japan, this is the most logical step. We’ve been able to secure a source for Episode 1 and have subbed it in honor of this news. We hope you all enjoy our new upcoming project.