Blue Blazes (Aoi Honoo) – Full Series Batch

like this, like that, oh yeah


If you already have the old versions of the episodes, patches are here

These batches include all 11 episodes of the show, with updated scripts to fix typos, overlooked trivia stuff, etc. These aren’t the blurays (yet); those are on hold until Heat stops being a responsible human being with a job. Enjoy!

P.S: If by any chance the dudes at animebaka are reading this, we’d really appreciate if you could update your streams with these muxes. We’re aware that quite many people who’ve watched or are about to watch this show have done so solely from your site; we think it’d be great if your visitors could watch the updated version as well. inb4 lol streaming is for plebs you morons

Express Sentai ToQGer The Movie – Galaxy Line SOS

That's a thing that happened because... reasons.

1080p | 720p | SD


Summer movie time! (In winter)

Amendment: the movie is titled Galaxy Line SOS, not Galaxy Express; while the Galaxy Express would certainly take you in a journey (a neverending journey) it would definitely not be the one depicted in this movie. The links have been updated accordingly – if you’re leeching the old ones feel free to continue, since the movie itself should be otherwise fine. My apologies for this comical display of ineptitude of mine.