Future Sentai Timeranger – 21

Let's Party!


One of the highlights of this episode is the appearance of Don Dornheiro’s human form, played by Senbonmatsu Kihei. Ocassionally, we’ve seen the actual voice actors of recurrent characters appear as their human counterparts: examples that come to mind are Tsutomu Isobe (Wolzard in Magiranger), Romi Park (Dayuu in Shinkenger), Haruka Tomatsu, Ai Orikasa and Toshiyuki Morikawa (Candelira, Luckyuro and Torin in Kyolug), among others. This was unfortunately not quite a possibility for the production team working on this episode, as Timeranger’s Dornheiro is more like a fat whale-ish mafioso, while his voice actor is, well, pretty far from that.

The production hit a snag at looking for someone that fit Dornheiro’s profile, until they found the right person as narrated in the Timeranger production blog..

“One night, when everyone had left the office, I was siting there with my head in my hands staring a listing of actors, and I finally found the one. His face was perfect for Dornheiro. And he belonged to an agency called “Bad Guy Casting.” This might work!”

The production contacted his agency the next day and they sent his one-sheet in return. In his profile, they found a menacing picture of the actor, along with the very humbling caption “People have called displaying this picture a crime.” It also listed his three measurement sizes as over 100cm, which was the perfect fit for their imagined human Dornheiro. The imposing profile of Kihei, a black belt in judo and architect that’s done ocassional work on TV as a mafioso or samurai, belies his actual friendliness, according to the production blog.

Going by jp wiki and the nicovideo wiki, Timeranger remains his most notable work, also followed by an appearance on a Kotoko PV some years after.

p.s: if you may ask: there really is a “Bad Guy Casting” agency in Japan. They have a small sample of actors, and their focus is on offering services as villains on movies or tv or what have you. Here’s a picture of their mean crew.