Kamen Rider Ghost – 07

Billy, you are dealing with the spookiness of ghosts with the greatest of ease.

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Howdy pardners. Time for another rootin-tootin episode of Kamen Rider Ghost.
This week, Takeru struggles with memories of a long lost friend, as he tries to solve a case in which a client’s best friend has been possessed.
But he doesn’t have much time to reminisce, as Specter is hot on his trail to steal the new Eyecon.
Meanwhile, the true motivations of Specter and the enemy start to unfold.

PS sorry for spilling the beans that there would be both rootin’ and tootin’

Ignis Edit: This Opening is pretty forgettable, don’t you think? emot-downsgun

Special Police Dekaranger – 14

what she said


To this date, I still don’t have the foggiest as of why this monster was christened after Chris Farley. Perhaps the writer watched this SNL skit and thought “hell yeah, let’s name this cat monster Farley”? Did the designer drew him in a way that reminded the writer of the late comedian? Or was it simply a random turn of fate that drew production to this?

I’m probably overthinking this