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This is an extra included on the rental DVD of 199 Heroes. Hilariously enough, the rental DVD also included a trailer for Ichimichi Mao’s gravure DVD. No, we’re not going to do that one, and why would you even need subtitles for a gravure DVD anyways? You’re so silly, leecher.

The trailer promotes Shimizu Kazuki’s (Gokai Green) upcoming Idol DVD, “A Day of One Hero”. Now, Idol DVDs range from cute girls and guys posing on frilly costumes, to women shooting milk out of their breasts; from what we can tell, this is more on the safe-for-work side.

This mini movie will feature a day in the life of Kazuki, appropriately doctored to make it more interesting to the viewer; everybody calls him “Doc”, a JAE guy (I think? correct me if I’m wrong, nerefir) wants to beat the daylights outta him, and people make Gokai puns in order to make it more obvious that We Are Referencing This Other Show Called Gokaiger Guys!

We don’t know if we’ll do it, but Heat found the trailer interesting enough to subtitle it, so here you go.

With thanks to Gust for hooking us up with the raw.

Dear people who’s going to inevitably ask for Garo: no, this didn’t delay it at all, I’m only involved in the timing and typesetting for that and those are long since done. No ETAs for it either, sorry, but it’s being worked on.

Dear people who’s going to inevitably ignore the previous paragraph and ask about Garo anyways: please read the previous paragraph.

26 thoughts on “A Day of One Hero (Trailer)

  1. What the heck, man? Why isn’t the Doctor that badass in Gokaiger? That looks pretty entertaining for an idol video, too; thought all idol videos were just gravure type stuff. Thanks for the subs, I hope you guys decide to sub the full version.

  2. Shooting milk from nipples? Have you actually seen an idol dvd do that? because Ive only seen that type of stuff in porn.

  3. This actually looks kinda hilarious. I hope you guys wind up subbing it, at least as long as it’s not a total turkey. D:

  4. Nice, I will like to watch “A Day of One Hero”, plus actor must be famous by the nickname calling “doc” already…

  5. Looks very Curb Your Enthusiasm in concept. I remember rumours that this would be an origin movie about Doc himself. Totally false, but I’d like to see if they’re going to slip in any unique Gokaiger/Sentai info, like how CYE slipped in unique Seinfeld stuff.

    If you guys are still around in 5 years, you have to TL the 40th anniversary movie’s ISO (with the unnecessary stuff like commentaries and behind-the-scenes documentary stuff stripped). I really want to have a professional menu where everything leads to O-T subs.

  6. >>Hilariously enough, the rental DVD also included a trailer for Ichimichi Mao’s gravure DVD.

    Whoa… I know this is for promoting the actress but including a trailer of gravure video in a children’s movie DVD is just… wow.

    Mao Ichimichi’s 1st idol DVD (“Distant Shore”) is actually have a story and dialogues, it’s about a girl who remembering her good times with her boyfriend (us, the viewer), it’s not just about “1 hour of repetitive music, sexy shots, bikini, and tits.”
    I’m kinda want somebody to sub this, though.

    • even in previous older sentais I think, the females were teen stars/models in the making or something. Though nowadays, there is some decent business with gravure dvds or stuff, so they put them out there.

      Though I think gravure idol DVDs with some fun story to them seems hella better than the typical ‘watch the girl in various stages of undress and trying to look cute in the camera’ and stuff. The POV thing with mao ichimichi sounds pretty captivating.

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