Cakeboss – 27


New month, new series! This is a joint with our merry friends of Aesir. We’ll be going back to the previous 25 episodes later, but for the time being, have this very SUBARASHII episode.

Also, as our encoders take your opinions very seriously, we’ve decided to switch from MP4 to WMV containers beginning with this series. With this, you’ll be able to watch from your favorite tv/psp/xbox/dreamcast/cellphone/ipod knockoff with virtually no hassle whatsoever.

Look at the date. Thanks for watching~


21 thoughts on “Cakeboss – 27

  1. Alright! I can finally watch SUBARASHII on my Etch-a-Sketch! Thank you Over-Time! Thank you Aesir!

  2. AWESOME Now I can make my music videos in windows movie maker in tpo notch quality putting some emo songs without needing to convert anything! SUBARASHII

  3. so.. april foools huh… shit acting from shit actors.

    the only good person in this hhappens to be Satonaka…. at laast hee microphone sounds professional

  4. @BEAST, Look at the date, then look at the post, look back to the date, now look tot he post, You’ve just been fooled.

  5. Hello Sigurd
    Look at CakeBoss, now look at me, back to CakeBoss now back to me. Is CakeBoss me. . .no but he can April Fool you like me if he only used Old Spice body wash. Look down, now back up. Where are you? Your in the Cous’ Coussier with the man your CakeBoss could fool you like. What’s this in your hand, back at me, I have it. It’s an oyster with three of those medals you keep counting. Look again, THE MEDALS ARE NOW DIAMONDS. Anything is possible when you April Fool with Old Spice. . .I’m riding tomorrows underpants.

    • @Force Gaia:

      Cakeboss: HeatMetal
      Satonaka: Alkaid
      Eiji: Wildfire Filmlord
      Ankh: Magenta
      Date: Podima
      Narrator: Netmonmatt

  6. He baked forty cakes.

    He baked 40 cakes.

    That’s as many as four tens.

    And that’s terrible.

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