28 thoughts on “D-Room CM (feat. The Legendary Seven Riders)

  1. Hahaha.. I saw this commercial on YouTube a few weeks back. What a neat little thing to do. Thanks, guys.

        • (there’s this magical thing called the matroska container that allows you to embed subtitles into a video file)

          (we use it for literally all our subbed releases)

          (we just provide the scripts in case people want to use them with raws)

  2. Why’d you sub Verandah as balcony? Left as it is would have been fine wouldn’t it? Or maybe as porch?

  3. I love how all the DDLs in the comments are from crappy sites and not one from Mediafire >__<
    Really guys?

  4. So what exactly IS D-Room? I can’t figure it out. Some kind of invisible security system or something?

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