Daimajin Kanon – 22-24

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Here’s one filler episode, an episode to make up for the filler episode, and an extra episode to make up for taking too long with those other two episodes. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Daimajin Kanon – 22-24

  1. thank you so much for more daimajin kanon :) can someone post the links to the episode raw for ddl

  2. Is this worth watching? I’ve never heard anything about it.
    Should I give it a try?… or not waste my time?

    • I’m not exactly halfway through yet, but I can say that it starts up a little slow. However, it’s still pretty entertaining even when they plot’s not moving very fast. I’d be comfortable recommending it at this point. 😀

      • Awesome! I think I might pick it up when a batch torrent come along. Thanks for letting me know what you think!

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