Daimajin Kanon – 25

Torrent | Script | Episode Notes (none really, but we’ll link to Kou’s anyways~)

As the hectosoul Ipadada and Gombei duck it out Ultraman-style, Kanon and Taihei set out to convince Bujin to stand up and sing like good ol’ times, in the penultimate episode of Daimajin Kanon.

Only one episode left until the finale!

10 thoughts on “Daimajin Kanon – 25

  1. I’ve been curious about this series, just haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Since it’s near the end, is there going to be a batch afterwards? If so, I’ll just wait and grab it all then.

    • If you’re interested, there’s a batch for the first episodes right here.

      Due to unforeseen circumstances, a great deal of the raws we used for the second half were SDs. My current plan is to do a full batch rectifying the resolution/typesetting disparity, but in the meantime a smaller batch will be made for people interested in the show.

      This is probably not the best thing to do, but it might be better than casting Kanon into batch hell with Garo and Akiba. :V

      • everything else for this show that i have downloaded from yall have all been raw and the scripts and i want all the files the same. thx so much for releasing this show its amazing

        • That sounds like you got a problem with your setup. All the Kanon releases have the subtitles muxed with the video.

          What are you using to play these?

  2. Thank you so much!
    (I watched 22-25 while being in airports waiting for connection flights, and that made the long waits enjoyable :D)

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