Daimajin Kanon – 26 (END)

Torrent (1-13) (14-26) | Script | Episode Script of the end of the show

And done! Sort of. This one got done since last monday and it’s been in the bot for a week already. Got sidetracked all week. :v

Okay so long story short: The SD muxes we’ve released for this show were done as a temporary measure while we acquired HD files. By the time that actually happened, we were already far into it, so we just rolled with it and left the HDs for a future batch. The idea is to eventually make a full batch with all the episodes with the same styles and video resolutions.

For the time being I’m batching the episodes we did on a torrent, so the people interested on the show can watch it while I get around to do the proper full batch (tl: cast it into batch hell with Garo’s and Akiba’s)

Huge thanks to KouAidou for translating this show (and sorry for taking so long!). Without her scripts, these subs would not exist at all, and she deserves all the kudos in the world. Thanks also to Heat for the ocassional TLCs and missing-lines-filling; to jai009 and Kilowog for their encoding services; to Lynxara and elendoy for pestering me poking me about the show ever so often; and to you for watching the show! We’ll see you later (and by later I mean a Valve Time definition of later) with a batch release brim and proper.

For any newcomers
: the torrents above should have all the episodes of the show. For a summary of what the show is actually about, please refer to this or this as I’m too sleepy to actually type a coherent summary right now

19 thoughts on “Daimajin Kanon – 26 (END)

  1. I suggest reading this in-depth article of Daimajin Kanon ->

    link to scifijapan.com

    One of the co-authors of this article is Tehkou aka KouAidou; Daimajin Kanon translator.

    On another note. I plan on making proper SD hardsubs for this show (all eps 1-26), but I’m putting that plan on hiatus for now until the HDs are sorted out.

    • Counterpoint: I would only recommend reading the first few paragraphs, otherwise you’ll get the whole show spoiled. :V

    • No, but any modern torrent client should allow you to define which files you want to download the moment you load the file into it.

      • ok, it’s done, looks like i’ve to find out more about torrent, thanks for the info, you’re a great help

  2. Thank you so much Ignis!!!! (y lamento haberte molestado tanto ;P)

    I’ll seed the last episode… until my computer dies XD

      • Nop… el proyecto secreto de Kiteji…. la verdad es que ya ni recuerdo que era, mis vacaciones en Europa no solo atrasaron los releases de Insomnio sino uqe me dejaron totalmente confundida XD

        Pensándolo mejor… Creo que el proyecto secreto era/es algún Sentai… Megaranger tal vez

  3. Why is episode 12 so much larger than the others? The rest are between 460 and 530 MB while 12 is 844 MB.

    Thanks for the subs BTW.

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