Future Sentai Timeranger – 07

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With due apologies for the remarkable lack of birds on the release pic.

As Misha mentioned at length over their site, SHT! is closing shop. We’ll continue Timeranger with most of the core team who’s worked on the show so far. Things should run more or less the same, as far as the script department goes.

Edit: as a post-mortem, here’s a batch with the six episodes we did as a joint. The old torrents have been hidden, so those leeching them individually should still find seeds for the time being.

10 thoughts on “Future Sentai Timeranger – 07

  1. I’ll be starting over at [robo] (and taking Youkai Watch with me if it ever actually happens), and our first project will be… Medarot! <)

    Medarot =) nice…

  2. Wow, an unexpected treat. Go, Over-Time! (and space)
    Yeah, I bet you never heard that one before.
    Seriously though, was not expecting this, thanks for the happy surprise. Sad overtones about the closure of SHT but from what I gathered it sounds like everyone is moving towards new things and this project itself isn’t going to suffer.

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