12 thoughts on “GARO: Flower of Makai – 12

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    • Whew. For a second there I was afraid it was the one with the kids and the jeeEEESUS CHRIST.

  2. I feel like I missed something with this episode. Particularly what was up with the chick from the Grudge showing up

    • The action for one and the Grudge Chick didn’t make any sense. Especially seeing that creature wasn’t evil in nature. But still I it was a nice mellow episode.

  3. The second armor-less episode of the show. (Not that I mind, a good story goes a long way, and Garo has that in spades) It does make me wonder, if they operate on a budget as many other shows do, what are they saving up for…

      • Ugh, that ending was atrotious, If anything, the final fight was just horrible… seriously? They get stronger because they’re golden? Thanks for making the title Garo less unique.

        They’re probably are though, every season has had a lot going into it. A lot of CGI at the end of season 1 (especially that gate fight between Kiba and Kouga), large multi-part battles with plenty of cgi and budget-heavy stuff end of season 2, and the entirety of season 3’s ending was probably were 40% of the budget went…

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