25 thoughts on “Giant Raws for Mankind

  1. Just after the final goodbye of Gentaro 22:34, it cuts and suddenly the wizard promo appears

  2. Any chance in the Fourze Ending Credits, you could leave a personal note to Neil Armstrong? Or would that be a bit much?

    • c’Mon – really??? . . . make your own note . . . I don’t care about Neil Armstrong or Lance Armstrong for that matter . . . I immerse my life in Toku . . . bring on Wizard!!!!

        • I’m partially kidding . . . still, it’s a Japanese kid’s show . . . and yes, there are implications and indirect references to Neil Armstrong (Fourze spends half of their time on the moon!) . . . still . . . I really hate when people do that kind of thing unless it’s planned as a tribute to someone (not that I have any control over what OT or anyone else does).
          So . . . make your own tribute is what I’m saying and have fun with it – and if OT chooses to do that – then great! But, I could care less either way . . .

          • Are you guys really questioning the relevance of Armstrong when the first ending song is called “Giant Step”?

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