Gokaiger & Goseiger: Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle

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So I wanted to hijack this release post even though I had very little to do with this movie. Partly because I don’t write the things very often, but mostly because I wanted to talk about some people:

Let’s get the movie out of the way first. This is a really, really fun popcorn movie. The plot never goes too deep, you’ve seen this shit done thousands of times before, but that’s alright — it does it with passion, a pinch of reverence and a ton of nostalgia. I couldn’t really have asked for anything more from it except maybe not using a Go-Onger villain so I could have spared myself a headache.

Now let’s talk about the real deal here. We mentioned a Special Goseiger Advisor who we got to help us with this, and our special advisor are actually special advisors! I’d like to talk about how much I love these two fantastic people — KouAidou and Lynxara. Starting with Kou, who epitomizes what I aspire to as a translator, the idea that you can take the careful seesaw between making something sound good and making it 100% accurate and just kick it over, because this woman will do both flawlessly and take no goddamn prisoners about it on the way.

If you haven’t seen her translation of Goseiger vs Shinkenger, you pretty much owe it to yourself to do it. We sometimes take a lot of flak for how we translate names and puns and stuff sometimes, I would possibly say to a degree completely out of proportion to the scale of the ‘problem’, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone complain about how this woman walked into Gosei vs Shinken, grabbed all the terminology, made crazy linguistic balloon animals out of all of it and twisted them into some of the most genius translations I’ve ever happened to come across.

I think that’s a tribute to — what I’m prepared to admit — is the difference in skill between us. I’m not ashamed to admit I still have an awful lot to learn, and reading her edits to this movie’s script has maybe helped me with a bit of it. The moment Ignis mentioned we had her on board I knew this was going to be amazing, and I think this is someone who doesn’t get the credit she deserves for how well she can preserve nuance while still making a great, accessible sub. Having her scrutinize our work is a real honor for me, and while Heat’s a shy little ragamuffin I’m sure it is for him too. <3

As for Lynx, I recently had the pleasure to be on the receiving end of her editing stick and it’s kind of redefined what I expect from an editor now. Her love for the shows she works on and her drive to ensure us awful translator people don’t fuck them up is matched only by a very keen eye for the use of language, and working with her on Abaranger has been an eye-opening experience in how one can very easily miss the forest for the trees when translating and trying to make dialogue work.

Whenever you see the Black Cross King being amazingly old-school badass in this movie, spare a thought for the editors who make everything sound just so. If you’d seen the original draft (and even mine after I’d poked around in there and gotten rid of ‘Gosei Gumball Dance Gay Shit’ :V) then you’d appreciate the difference that has been made by the presence of these two.

So anyway, here’s your homework: go watch Goseiger vs Shinkenger. I don’t think it’s mega spoilers to say it’s going to become relevant soon in the actual main story of Gokaiger, it’s a fun movie, and you get to just see how words can create magic in the right hands. Just, uh, don’t forget to watch this, too. It’s pretty great.

Ignis Edit: Kou’s awesome, and so is Lynxara, SHT!’s resident ninja editor. As a foreign speaker, I feel bad for writing a thanking comment for someone who knows her way into the english language way better than I ever will in my entire lifetime, and I’m not as verbose as Mr. Britishman over here; but I’d like to say she made a rocking job making the big baddie of this movie sound like Ye Good Olde Big Baddies of Ol’. Madam, you have this way with words that makes us (Heat and Misha in particular) crazy, and I mean it in the good way. Keep being awesome, and thanks for your continued help in this project and those other ones we shouldn’t talk about just yet.

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    • you should use the patch file if you’ve downloaded the multiupload links posted in the post, otherwise if you downloaded the raws that have been uploaded 3 days ago, you can muxed it with the script file

  1. This couldn’t have come at a better time — my day pretty much went to shit in a matter of seconds this afternoon and I’ve been down in the dumps since. Hopefully this is what does the trick and puts me in a better mood~

    Thank you for all the hard work and keeping us up to speed along the way!
    And thank you too, KouAidou~

  2. it took me a while to find and ‘aquire’ a copy of ‘Goseiger vs Shinkenger’ but it was defo worth the wait.
    it’s awesome and the camo of the Gokaigers is awesome to.

  3. Now imagine what this movie is going to be like after Saban get their hands on it.


  4. just wanted to say thank you to everyone who works on this and all the work thats done for each episode. seriously this group puts tvnihon to shame. i know people have lives but the fact that this group can out put a brand new episode within 2 days says a lot on how they manage their day to kind of taking full responsibility on doing what they promise. thank you for being yourselves! cant wait to watch this movie!

  5. Thanks a million for this. You all do an amazing job. Thanks for the movie and thanks for the all the work you do with the different series out there.

  6. Wow. I’m really, really flattered, guys. Thank you. You know I am over the moon with your work, so I don’t think the difference in our skill is all that great. (And while I hate being forced to admit it, I do make mistakes. Sometimes pretty stupid ones. Many a matter of public record.)

    Please also give credit to Lynxara, who was right there with me through all the edits and prevented me from doing anything too stupid with your work. She also made most of the Black Cross King edits, because no one knows 70s-style dialogue like her.

    • I will go on record and blame Mag for the omission. Onore Mag!

      (Actually it was my fault because I only said “Kou’s looking at it” and I failed to add “with Lynxara” when I mentioned it to the others.)

    • i’ve never known you subbed together with the GUIS team in the Goseiger-Shinkenger crossover, thats the most professional subbed ive ever seen (just like when you’ve order an anime with the subbed provided by the distributors)

      also thanks for this also together with the OT team you’ve make my day, its like my birthday again today, 😛

    • Haha. Well, I think most of what keeps our work up to par is attributable to Heat, who has a much better eye for tone and dialogue than I do (My mentality being ‘make everybody fabulous. EVERYBODY.’)

      But I will certainly amend a suitable thank you to Lynx as well. :3

  7. Something about anniversary movie group shots. No matter what show, I keep expecting to see Kamen Rider Shin just standing there in the one pose they have him do all the time…

  8. Man, this KouAidou must be a freaking translator. I’m a brazilian translator and I’m continously looking for good translators to inspire me. I’ll download the Goseiger vs Shinkenger for sure, even I had already watched it. Thanks for the subs and everything else.

    • [troll]There’s no need to inspire on KouAidou, because your portuguese translation suck hard. I’m Brazilian and I can say with all the letters that the way you make your translations doesn’t match what is really being said. It’s a shame that most of the brazilians fags are blind people HUEHUEHUEHUEUHEHUEHUE :P[/troll]
      So… keep doin’ this amazing job, O-T!
      I hope that one day these people that donates from TV-fags donates for you guys because: even doing great translations, you guys have skilled encoders and editors. This makes the difference between you guys from TV-fags.
      They just care for these fancy’n’weirdo typesettings, making shitty encodings which looks like they added some kind of Blur filtering on it.
      Btw, I loved this movie, can’t wait to see the subbed version!

  9. Hey Over-Time. Thank you again for the amazing work you guys do. I know we all really appreciate it.

    I wanted to bring to your attention that i encountered a small problem with the subbed video torrent though. When I play the movie with the cccp player over-time recommends, the audio will not play. The player’s been great with the Gokaiger episodes so far, as I’ve never had any problems with it before. I suspect it may just not work well with cccp, because i tried VLC player as a last resort, and it played well.
    Just wanted to bring that up in case others were having the same problem.

  10. SWEET!! The subbed version of the movie! AND I just got home from school, so this the perfect way to unwind!

  11. I have a bad feeling this won’t run smoothly on my end. MP4 seems to be okay, but MKV ontop of it being so large, I am gonna have problems :(

  12. So Black Cross King introduces himself and then Walz Gil answers with “Conquer the Earth?”

    Is there dialogue missing?

    • It’s supposed to connect to his first line, but it got edited out at some point. v2 was originally

      Dialogue: 0,0:17:53.75,0:18:00.24,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,I… am the leader of the secret Black Cross society that sought to conquer the Earth, Black Cross King!
      Dialogue: 0,0:18:00.24,0:18:09.18,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,The fury of those who fell at the hands of the \N Super Sentai has summoned me back from hell!
      Dialogue: 0,0:18:09.18,0:18:11.24,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Conquer the Earth?

      I’ll check out if there’s something else to fix while I’m at it. Thanks for the report.

  13. Can someone explain how this script thing works? I don’t understand how you run scripts with a RAW video. Dumb it down as far as you can too please, I know nothing about this stuff.

    • just download the ddl version, it also includes the subs, saves you from muxing the raw video with the script file

      • Except there’s a high chance I’m not gonna be able to run the DDL file smoothly because it’s an MKV. I can run the MP4 on here, but MKV always gives lag issues (I tried the HD DDL a couple times before to know this).

      • @StarFighters76 – I’m sure you can run this, this mkv is different to our usual gokaiger encodes, and should be less taxing for older computers.

    • If you previously downloaded a raw, follow this: link to i44.tinypic.com After that, you should be able to play raws with scripts.

      (If you want to save yourself the trouble and you haven’t downloaded anything at all, grab the torrent or the subbed DDL.)

      • Thanks to all for your advice, but the extremely weird part is I figured it out myself, even though I don’t know how? I dragged the script file into the video and it somehow worked? Don’t ask how, but it worked and I watched it, and OMG EPIC!

  14. That. Was. Amazing. The people that went to see it back during it’s release, that posted on /m/, weren’t lying.

    Shame I had to use VLC(sigh) for this to work, but had no problems with it. And no I don’t use VLC regularly, only when I have too.

    Anyways, good job at releasing it at your guys on pace and can’t wait for the pirate ship sub from you guys too.

  15. That was amazing. Over-Time, you guys are amazing.

    >You will never get to see the marvelous misadventures of Gosei Knight and Navi

  16. Thanks again for all the hard work.
    Random thoughts:
    -I don’t think I want to watch Goseiger. Not quite my style.
    -Big One has a tie worthy of the Sixth Doctor.
    -“Tenshi-yarou” sounds hilarious. I don’t know why. Just the combination of “angel” and something rude, I guess.
    -I like that the not-subtle-at-all message of the film is “buy and take care of your Sentai toys and someday you to may help save the world.”

  17. Thanks for the subs.

    I have one question though. I hear there were a bunch of extras on the 199 heroes DVD. Will you be releasing those in future?

  18. Thanks for all the hard work, guys.

    I haven’t actually downloaded the movie yet — my girlfriend’ll *kill me* if I watch this without her. >>; But, I’d like to say this: You should talk about translation more often — the whys for some translation decisions are usually fascinating as all hell, and give wonderful insight to the process of localization, which is effectively what you guys and gals are doing so beautifully.

    I’ve had so many moments of listening to the audio and noticing “This sub isn’t exactly what was said in Japanese, but my god, it reads so much better in English that way.” That’s good subbing, hands-down. Thanks again!

    • Honestly, Gosei has near-everything in English anyway so there’s really very little to talk about translation-wise, unless “Oh, this guy’s name has the castle for ‘Castle’ in it, but he’s an actual dude so we felt it’d make more sense as ‘Colossus’ is the kind of thing you’re talking about.

      The only real change we had to make was… this is getting predictable: a Go-Onger villain whose name is… lemme try and remember this off the top of my head – “Yogoshimakuritain”. Yogoshimakuri means “to want to make everything dirty” and then, to hide the fact his name is just a stupid pun, they put an ‘n’ on the end. It’s very genius.

      I think we ended up using Contamineiser for his name, if only because he had a son in the show with a slightly shorter name that we could, when he was refered to in dialogue in this movie, translate his name as ‘Contaminor’.

      • ya know,i like yyou more then any fansubgroup there is,but you annoy me with names.
        please keep it by uguts and yogostein,that reads bettter tooO!

      • Yeah, but their names have meanings that are actually relevant to their characters and… ‘motivations’ is a terrible word to use in a show aimed at this young an audience, but they generally have their gimmicks or goals right in their name. A Japanese person can hear the name and immediately go “Okay, I know what this guy’s gimmick is!” and I feel that, when it is that obvious (like with Go-On) then it’s kind of our job to make sure an English speaker can look at the name and do the same.

        Obviously, that’s not really doable without either translating the name or using translation notes, and the latter would utterly spoil the moment. We don’t do it all the time, but sometimes it’s clear that the name exists purely to facilitate the pun, and hence if the viewer doesn’t get the pun, you’ve kind of failed in your duty to translate.

        YeahStriker: Your flawless logic has utterly defeated my argument. Thank you so much for putting forward such a persuasive and well-thought case.

  19. Too bad my laptop doesn’t like your RAR links… I keep on getting Files are corrupted. I guess I’ll have to figure out another way…

    Does anyone know if the subs will work if you download the whole movie posted on youtube? [Yt=http://youtu.be/8EmRKKXitqQ]

    EDIT: Some of those multi-upload sites’s have the parts labeled differently. Thus why I kept on getting file is corrupted. [I’m using Free Extract Frog]

  20. Almost finished! I’m prepared to be blown away with jaw dropping awesomeness, even more so than Let’s Go Kamen Rider, and that itself was pretty awesome!!!

  21. Seeing as /m/ is down (Again) and I can’t ask in that thread, I may as well ask here.

    This is a DVD copy, right? When will the Blu-Rays be released and will you end up releasing a BR/HD rip in the future? Just for curiosity’s sake, of course. Not demanding or anything.

    • Just donate to O-T fellas or Gust on TRR, since he did his own encode and O-T used it.
      On TRR, people always asked Gust to release Blu-Ray encodes, and his answer was very clear: “I’m Brazilian, I don’t have enough money to buy things. If you guys want stuff, help me buying things.”
      So, that’s it.
      You guys see, TV-Fags have a bunch of donators to keep their shitty stuff alive and, according to them, to buy DVDs/BDs, which I clearly doubt. They don’t know how to encode/rip stuff, they clearly uses Gust stuff from TRR, making shitty encodes. They and yet people keeps donating to them. I just don’t understand that…
      Why no one of these people wouldn’t donate for O-T or Gust?
      Just think about it, guys.
      They’re the best sources avaiable while TV-Fags don’t have nothing in their hands. 😀

      • We do not accept monetary donations. Most of the expenses, if any, are funded by internal donations, like the hosting and domain, or the Timeranger DVDs which were bought by Az, Lynx and me. We also get extra donations in the form of raws, from people who’s been gracious enough to provide us with vob files or ISOs for shows that would be otherwise impossible to find.

        We do, however, accept donations in the form of seeds for our torrents, alternate DDL links for our releases, or reencodes in other formats for the people who can’t play our releases otherwise.

    • The Blu-Ray is released later this month and I think I’m right in saying we’re covered in terms of getting it. So yeah, that will be a thing at some point, I imagine.

      • @Ignis

        That’s cool, bro. I wouldn’t mind throwing in a couple bucks, but seeing as you don’t do that, I’ll just support you guys in other ways. You guys keep up the good work because you’re seriously the best out there, man.


        Awesome. Can’t wait for that. I assume it wouldn’t take as long to sub either, right? Of course, I know literally nothing about the subbing and encoding processes, but I assume it’s just slapping the already finished script onto the BR/HD raw, right? Either way, do your best and everyone will appreciate you! :)

  22. So I had been patiently waiting for this download and decided to update my cccp codec before I watch it. Thing is after installing the new codec my MPC-HC player just goes from play to stopped automatically, no audio, no video. Is there some setting or something I need to do to fix it? Thanks!!!

  23. Is it just me or is the patch missing the file xdelta3.exe? Got it from the web and successfully patched the RAW, but that kinda confused me.

    • We generally work on the basis that people who use patches are going to be using them consistently, so we figure people will keep the xdelta3.exe around rather than having to redownload it each week. The best thing to do is put it in one of your system directories (\windows\system32 or closest equivalent on your OS) so that the patch file can always call on it without you having to remember to download it each time.

  24. Any chance of providing megaupload links where the file is split? 1.35 gb is too large for me. I don’t have a premium account. The other ddl links you posted do not work for me either. I get a connection timeout.

    • The only thing that was cut out (that I know of, of course) was the CGI model of the 35-mech combo for the end of the movie. I’m hoping there’s some footage of that on the DVD/Blu-Ray extras because it sounds like it could be either amazing or downright terrible.

      • “In this film, but a whole squadron of 199 people came past, every series, also set boost the robot has coalesced climax fight scene. CG models reproduce digital processing of the robot was then used in the shooting. In the drama will be born to combine the ultimate robot body 35.”

        From the auto-translated by Chrome:


  25. When GoseiKnight defeats all the sixth ranger keys, he doesn’t say Banish, it sounds more like Punish then Banish because I hear a Pa instead of a Ba.

    • This is something I specifically researched, actually, and GoseiKnight does use ‘Banish’ as his finisher phrase as a deliberate contrast to the Goseigers’ ‘Punish’. This is a deliberate pun, as (you may know as you sound like someone with a familiarity with kana) they are written nearly identically.

      You can get an official source for this here:
      link to toei.co.jp

      Where the cast talk specifically lists his finisher phrase as “Danzai no Knightic Power! Banish!”

  26. Just wanted to say THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK SUBBERS! If it weren’t for you guys, I would have no clue as to what is going on in any of the shows I’ve seen.

  27. what would be the best way of burning this onto dvd? (i’ve had it before where the subtitles the subtitles extend outside the screen)

  28. I remember looking on youtube about the 199 great battle trailer and some users say this will put all marvel super heroes to shame, I really hate trolls alot. After watching it it was pretty subpar. Thank you for the subs.




  30. So, the DDL version is supposed to be the one with the subtitles? Unfortunately for me, after I downloaded it (and converted it), the subs weren’t there at all.

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