Kamen Rider Fourze – 02

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Psst, Fourze writers: IP addresses don’t work that way, just sayin’.

Also, in the topic of computer terms illiteracy, this is always relevant. (I still love you, first season of Numb3rs.)

Note: For the people having trouble with the patch: Some hosts replace the spaces in filenames with + signs, if you can’t patch the raw make sure your raw’s name is [THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Kamen Rider Fourze – 02 [BD8E714C] and it should be good to go

75 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 02

  1. and a request:could you all that have gokaiger and OOO seed a little more?
    i`m starting a collection and i cant get it in.

  2. Uh. I know I did this last week, but… I downloaded the raw and the patch, didn’t accidentally change any names this time, and the patch still doesn’t work.

    • Just to clarify, last week, the raw file was named “kamen-rider-fourze_-_01_(09-04_08-00-00)_HD.10bit.muxed”

      This week, it was named “[THISFILEHASNOSUBS]+Kamen+Rider+Fourze+-+02+[BD8E714C]”

      could that have something to do with it?

      • Some hosts replace the spaces with + signs, just rename your file to [THISFILEHASNOSUBS] Kamen Rider Fourze – 02 [BD8E714C] and it should be good to go

  3. Regarding the comment about the IP lookup in the show, they didn’t make a mistake. Just use a good WHOIS website to look up a certain domain name and it will often give you the name of the actual person who registered it, depending on with which company he did it.

    For example:
    link to networksolutions.com
    This lists the registrant as Kristofer Straub. If you go to the website itself you’ll see the name right there in the title of the website.

    This is not to troll you either, it’s just to let you know that TV writers actually did it right for once.

    • Yes and no. You can indeed get the details of the domain registrant with WHOIS provided that it isn’t protected or the details are genuine. It’s unlikely that ICANN or the domain registrar will verify the authenticity of the details.

      Secondly, when they look up the IP address, it only shows who owns the IP address (I.e. the data centre). The website owner doesn’t own the IP address unless they own their network as well. (E.g. Google, Microsoft etc.)

  4. Did… did this episode basically just confirm in a really subtle way that all Kamen Rider series are in the same universe?

  5. I downloaded the .ass file and discovered that there’s a ten-second delay on every line after the OP. Are you planning on releasing another version or…?

  6. Ugghhhh I downloaded/installed the nightly VLC from the launchpad and now no .mkv will play. Not even Gokaiger!

    Using Ubuntu 10.10

    I have no idea if it’s just the nightly build or something else. I really am hating this change to 10 bit!

    • I’ve been deleting every comment to this article related to 10-bit playback issues that have already been resolved in the previous series of posts or in the sidebar. But I felt this one needed special attention.

      When we first considered doing doing 10-bit encodes, I actually tried using VLC nightlies to see how well it handled decoding. I couldn’t make any conclusions because the latest nightly build at the time didn’t work at all. And then I tried 2 weeks’ worth of nightlies and not a single one of them could actually play any video files (avi, mp4, or mkv).

      Save yourself the time it would take to find a working nightly build and get mplayer2 instead.

      • The post made it sound like linux users were stuck with VLC. The one post said either mplayerx (which is for osx) or a nightly vlc.

  7. Only two episodes in and I absolutely love this show. Even W and OOO took me a while to really get into. Fourze is just fun all around. Your hard work is much appreciated by this fan, Over-Time.

  8. This is a really good series, the fight scenes are excellent and it looks like Fourze won’t just be saving his school from Zodiarts, but saving the whole Kamen Rider continuity!

  9. Not to be a fucking jackass here. But, I know this an error:

    At 23:28, When it show the title screen for the next episode. Shouldn’t it say ‘Switch 3’, NOT ‘Switch 2’?

  10. Hello. I just watched your version and it was very good.At the preview for the next ep,
    I noticed there wasn’t any subtitle for the dialogue. Will there be a v2 with the subs at the end? Thanks very much:-)

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