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    • Nah, that ain’t Chalice/Joker, that’s Uva. Look carefully and you’ll see it’s the Greed Belt, not the Joker Belt.

      • If you worry about credit for something you didn’t even make, you’re gonna have a bad time…

          • Nani? I credited Manuel for the GoBus, but that Fourze I put up was torrented and re-encoded all by yours truly ;-). However, Mazel Tov on the .5 passed Light Speed at which you seem to put out the subs. BTW, do you splice the script and RAWs together or is your net just that fast, or are you really Taurus?

            • I was able to get everything up by 2:00 AM Monday morning as everything was being released on Twitter. So it was a simple copy paste to get the links up this time. Don’t expect this again next week though.

        • I don’t care about the credit. I just want to help people here who seeking the links and make them easier to get the files.

      • OH KAY, NOW I REALLY GET IT! KRSentai, I misread your comment. That is curious. Honestly It feels kind of weird. I would have liked a heads up at least.

        Hey, Zyand Ashand check out and/or plug/post links to my microcast while your at it!

  1. It really makes you wonder what Uva did to piss off Meteor so much that he would cross over into another series just to whip his ass.

  2. Pretty standard Fourze fair (read: boring) up until the last few minutes.

    And finally, as this 26 episode plot goes into its 41st episodes and beyond, maybe it’ll start to get interesting.

    Finally, here’s hoping Wizard isn’t as bad.

  3. Did someone really imply kamen rider series have plot story more than 26 episodes?

    Or he is just idiot who fail to see that entire kamen rider series are the same for the fact its having 26 plot point episodes and 20 filler episodes?

    • I hope you’ll forgive my ignorance, as the only other series I’ve seen in full thus far have been Kiva, Double, and OOO, but compared to those three, Fourze’s plot has been nearly nonexistent, and the show quality has been mostly crap. The enemies are inconsistent, Fourze is just a bad Rider, plot points are routinely pulled out of thin air as if they forgot there was a story and needed a vehicle at the last second.

      In comparison, at least OOO’s filler was mostly entertaining. Double was even better, never forgetting it had a story to tell and managing to drop little threads and hints even during its filler.

      But you’re right, clearly I’m giving Fourze too much credit. They could have done this plot in 13 episodes plus clipshow.

      • fourze is meant to be a fun romp

        not all toy commercials for 10-year olds need to be masterful pieces of creative storytelling, merely an enjoyable way to waste 30 minutes and make a kid say “wow i want a gun that eats and shoots fire”

        • ^ That.
          Also, Ichigo really didn’t have any sort of overarching plot. Shocker was doing evil shit, Kamen Rider stops them like a boss. Hell, once Niigo shows up, things get silly, because he brings stereotypical 70s women and a scrappy kid along. Essentially, it was about a year’s worth of Monster of the Week.

        • This is all true, but doesn’t necessarily excuse the writers from trying.

          It’s not like I’m asking for Kamen Rider’s answer to Game of Thrones (though I’d watch the hell out of that), just something that has another layer or two beyond “giant toy advertisement”.

        • To be fair, not all toy commercials for 10-year olds have to be than flashy reiterations of the same plot with different rubber suits and music, either.
          I’m not exactly expecting Citizen Kane or the Dark Knight Returns, and I’m gonna have fun watching either way. But something with a bit more depth would be nice.

          • The problem with depth is that the show is intended to be semi-disposable, where you can come into it at basically any point and not be too lost.

            Remember, this show runs for a year per iteration, is dealing with a target audience with very little attention span, and there’s no cheap or quickly-available way to catch up (in fact, it’s impossible to ‘catch up’ while it’s airing, as the DVDs are always staggered about 5 months behind)

            As such, depth is a Bad Thing, which is why if the show even dares have something resembling a complex motivation, it makes a point of beating you in the face with it an episode or two before the show actually resolves it. (see: Ryuusei visiting Subaruboshi the arc before Aries’ arc.)

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