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    that ive wondered, do you guys ever attend any of the cons and get saddened by the lack of riders?

  2. Reactions, in order:

    1) Virgo’s identity in the first scene doesn’t sell me, at all. Even when she does the Evil Eyes of Evil thing, her face is too gentle.

    2) Why don’t the nuggets have WiFi? Given their intended use, you’d think they ought to be able to report data while on-mission. And don’t tell me that it’s because they’re too small — Burgermeal can Skype the moon.

    3) …aaaand, Megamax is officially canon! The Chairman’s backers were evidence enough, I thought, but this episode is about as blatant as you can be without the use of flashback footage.

    3a) The above gives me hope that maybe, someday, we’ll see what happens when he uses the other switch of that type.

    4) Wait, what? How did? But that would mean?! Then why?? Yeah, okay, I officially haven’t got a clue as to what’s going on anymore.

    • ^ That. All of that.
      I want to see motives. That’s gonna be, hands-down, the most interesting part.
      Also, the rest of KR club will be back by next episode. I’m just gonna assume that to be fact. Because otherwise I’ll be sad.

      • That’s probably true; I’ve seen the film myself. We could still see its switch in the main series, though. We’ve got ten episodes left, and this week proved that they’re willing to “go there”.

        The main reason I want to see that film’s switch, though, is that the movie doesn’t tell is how it’s supposed to work – its use in the film is a unique situation. So even though I bought the toy, I can’t really “use” it unless I want to reenact that one event.

  3. So uh all the ddls and torrents for W, OOO, and some early Fourze eps are down/have no seeds. Anybody know where I can get these eps?

    • You can get ddls on krdl.info.

      There’s a torrent with the first 24 episodes of Fourze, and last time I checked the W batches have seeds (ignore the stats on nyaa). There’s also a batch torrent for OOO that’s still alive.

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