48 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 42

  1. Man, this was an awesome episode. Same with the last episode.

    I wish it didn’t take this long to advance the plot.

    Next week’s episode looks to be good too. The script writers are on a roll.

  2. Hey guys in the U.S our internet providers are tracking our addresses now – is there a possibility can one of you upload this episode onto a file host as a renamed + .rar type file?
    – internet providers are tracking for pirated material

  3. I bloody hate KoF. I just want Marvel on.
    I always found Mortal Kombat my favorite to watch though.

  4. The KoF top 8 matches were amazing. Mad KOF vs Bala was so intense. Probably not gonna be able to watch fourze till tomorrow. Evo gonna be running late into the night as usual.

  5. Wow that was fast. I’m guessing it’s because akibaranger is over till the episode 14 dvd?

  6. Quick question : Are there 7 episodes to go, considering Wizard starts on sept. 2nd, or something like 5 because of olympics ?

  7. I think Akibaranger may have damaged my ability to enjoy toku — I could see what was coming at the end of the episode from a mile away.

    Tropes and plot flags aside, though, it’s bad enough that Virgo teleport freely. She can also control black holes. I can think of about five different ways she could shut down the whole plot, let alone win a fight with the other Horoscopes.

    Problem: The Chairman wants to assemble the twelve Horoscope Switches?
    Solution: Open black hole, throw in your own switch.

    Boom, end boss’s plot foiled.

    • Libra can “locate” the switch now so it won’t work. And he ate Sagittarius’s arrow through the body in human form, I’m already surprised that he survived.

      • True, they’d find her eventually, but they’d have to walk. Nothing stopping her from teleporting to a hospital in, say, Hawaii.

        And while Saggitarius himself would still be a threat. there still wasn’t anything stopping Virgo from black-holing her own switch at any time.

        Further observations:

        The revelation about people being “sent to the Dark Nebula” is interesting. Is the Dark Nebula even a real thing, then? When Tomoko caught Virgo observing it in the classroom, was she (Virgo) talking to someone else? She did say that Tomoko would have been killed, otherwise, so maybe there was another person in the room.

        Libra’s surprised that lasted longer than Virgo; so am I. Something we touched on last week was the fact that Libra’s eye was literally the only thing keeping him from getting Phantom Zone’d with everybody else. Once he finds the last two(?) Horoscopes he’ll be disposable again, and he knows it.

        Good thing Tachibana set the Meteor system to automatic, now that there’s nobody to work the controls on the M-BUS. I wonder how they’re going to get the other Dark Nebula inmates back now that there’s no way to teleport on and off it.

      >Teleport them all to space
      >teleport back

  8. *Sees “KOFXII”, starts seething*

    Uh…you mean KOFXIII, right? KOFXII didn’t exist =P

    • oh whoops, missed one I there.

      Yeah, that was totally awesome. Both players were really good, shame Bala got all nervous.

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