47 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze – 46

  1. So i’ve tried every freakin guide out there, and i still can’t play ur 10bits. I have a AMD c-50 processor with 3 gb of ram. HELP ME!!!!

  2. Damn u guys, I was getting ready to do something else then I notice Fourze was out so now I have to watch that :)

  3. Thank you as always. You guys are the best. Thanks to KRSentai for always uploading it to my fav JumboFiles.

  4. So I guess they decided to drop that whole thing with Gentarou’s parents being strongly hinted to be important to the events of the show somehow?

  5. So….are Sono-chan and that pun guy having fun in the M-bus and forget to be parts of the show’s cast?

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