Super Hero Wars Z (Bluray)

Utchy was a fool to use Futabain on only himself

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They were fools to let me be able to make posts. Now this shall become my blog of screencaps of Kotoha. Thanks to Gust for getting and encoding the Bluray. 1080p is still in the works. 1080p is now live.

Kamen Rider x Super Sentai x Space Sheriff: Super Hero Wars Z

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Patch (for this raw)

Here’s a thing some of you may have wanted even after watching the first one. I don’t know who you are or if you really exist, but at least this one is a bit better.

Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Movie War Ultimatum – Director’s Cut



720v2 Patch | 1080v2 Patch

Kyouju Edit: This patch should fix the problem people have been reporting with their player jumping back and repeating frames at the chapter points (as well as one small typo). 480p will come soon is out, thank you for your patience and for flying Over-Time.


These silly movies keep getting the longest titles ever, seriously. Like, is it “Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider” or “Kamen Rider X x Kamen Rider Y x Kamen Rider Z” or “Masked Rider THE MOVIE: The Ultimate” or man who knows anymore! Anyways, here’s the annual crossover movie between Kamen Riders, featuring the epilogue to Kamen Rider Fourze’s story and some dopey story about magical girls and Wizard.

We have some extra things going on as well, and so our editor Lynxara has prepared the following notes to accompany the movie. We highly recommend you to read these after you watch the movie, since they’re littered with spoilers.