Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Movie – The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals

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You might be wondering about the Shogun bit of this movie. The movie is an unofficial crossover with the period drama Abarenbo Shogun, which ran in TV Asahi from 1978 to 2008. The guy who helps Eiji and co. is the protagonist of said show, the Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune, under the (terribly hidden) guise of Tokuda Shinnosuke. He roams freely around the town and interacts with his vassals on a daily basis; nobody in town knows Shinnosuke’s actually the Shogun, even though he makes little effort to conceal this fact.

The actor who portrays the Shogun, Matsudaira Ken, is also well known for his song Matsuken Samba, which he popularized on stage plays. The song at the end of the movie borrows some elements of this song, adding in the particular pop/rap flair you’re used to from Avex, and it’s also sung by Matsudaira Ken. Though we can all agree this is a superior homage to Matsuken Samba.


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    • thx Fans… you are awesome as always… if the sub is out, can you please share the link (ravishare & freakshare) here? thx a lot…

  1. i think you guys need to check the mediafire link for the script. trying to DL it just makes it loop back to the DL link and thus being unable to DL at all

    • Try changing browsers, think their ad display script is screwing up. Didn’t work for me when I was using IE

  2. Looks like the WUpload for the raw is down now too. Or…maybe there’s just a glitch. Whatever it is I keep trying to open it and the tab just keeps closing.

    • Oh cool my post showed up. I tried commenting on Daimajin 16 earlier but the page for that kept resetting or something after I click the post comment button. Weird.

  3. Been having issues with torrents lately, so I will wait for a DDL. Thanks for your work on this one, OT team. OOO has become one of my favorite shows in the genre after finishing it recently and I have been looking forward to this movie. I’d also like to second the request for the Gokaiger Ghost Ship movie made above — not sure what the availability of that film is, but if you guys can get your hands on it, I hope you’ll do it as well. Whatever the case, keep on being awesome.

  4. I’m currently watching OOO right now, on episode 8. At which point in the series should this movie be watched?

    Side note: Are there still any plans for any OOO batch torrents? Some of the earlier episodes are down, and I’ve had to settle for T-N releases for those :( . I’d love to get a full set of O-T subs for OOO. Anyone out there able to help out?

    O-T Staff, you guys are awesome. I stumbled upon one of your early Gokaiger subs, and have been hooked on your style ever since. I didn’t pick up OOO as it was mid-series at the time, but I started watching Kamen Rider with Fourze, love it, and am going back now with OOO. Keep up the great work – hopefully you guys go on with Go-Busters!

    • i think around episode 43 or 44… in episode 44, kougami briefly tells eiji about the secret behind the creation of Core Medals… the Cobra, Kame & Wani medals were briefly shown during kougami’s explanation to eiji…

  5. This is a just a nitpick buuuuuuut, why did you spell Burakawani as Brakawani. The OOO Scanner is clearly saying Bura not Bra. Sorry for the nitpick but things like this really piss me off. Hopefully TV Nihon won;t do the same thing.

    • cuz the medal is Cobra… this combo is officially named as Brakawani by TV Asahi… its juz that when the japanese pronounce Cobra, it sounds like Kobura… so thats why the scanner says Bura… the actual word is Bra… and the same goes to Tajadol combo… Tajadol is the official name due to the medal Condol… but when the japanese pronounce it, Condol becomes Condor (sometimes Condoru)… so thats why some people refer this combo to as Tajador or Tajadoru instead of the official Tajadol… this is only a language problem… Over-Time follows the correct language & spelling, while some fans prefer the pronounciation rather than spelling…

      • Sorry but, if you have SH Figuarts Burakawani like i do and follow info from RRR and Kamen Rider Wiki the offical romanization for Burakawani is in fact BuraKaWani. Just saying.

        • Kamen Rider Wiki??? w0w, “great” source… i never use wiki for information… never mind, up to you… just saying… as for me, i prefer to pronounce like the way it should be, not to somehow “japanize” the spelling… for kamen rider, my source is TV Asahi…

          • That’s fine by me, i’d just prefer if they would use Burakawani instead of Brakawani. I do not mind them using Tajador, since well that’s how i say and spell it(if you say Tajadol or Tajadoru thats fine it’s both anyway). Though if i must ask, why do you use Ratoratah for Latoratah(this is how i spell and say it). Technicly you guys are going by OOO Scanner pronounciation for Latoratah for it. Ahhhhh it doesn’t matter i’ll stop.

      • Excuse me, not to be rude but there’s no bird called condol if you really talked about bird (cause TaJaDoru is birds, right). There’s only condor.

    • “Just because Japanese is incapable of pronouncing fragments of English words does not mean we should be incapable of spelling them”, is a more concise synopsis.

  6. I’m basically willing to call that a canon movie if you’re willing to believe everyone just went on with their lives and the Brakawani medals got lost/destroyed/thrown through time. The only real discrepancy was Uva being with the Greeed, but you could extrapolate that he went back to chill with them because they were all in a bad way. Either way the events of the movie don’t really break the canon of the series so whatever floats your boat.

    Also LOL at Gentaro with normal hair.

    • Honestly, the only thing from making it “canon” to people is the fact that it wasn’t mentioned in the show. I can understand where people are coming from, but I mean really, dismissing a whole movie because it wasn’t mentioned in the show is just plain silly (not saying you’re doing that, just what other people seem to be doing).

      I myself think this can be considered canon just fine. I don’t see why people get so bent out of shape because a movie (or even multiple movies) aren’t canon or 100% fitting their needs. I just find the movies fun regardless of them being canon or not.

      The movie itself I found really good and was decently paced. Wasn’t too over the top (core) or nonsensical. It felt like I was watching an extended episode of OOO and that’s all I could have asked for. Also Eiji as Birth was pretty neat to see and lol Gentaro’s hair.

      • I think also the fact that the director came out and said that the movie WAS NOT canon when questioned about the movie goes into the movie is not cannon argument.

  7. Thanks for all your hard work with Fourze, Gokaiger, and the movies. I think I’m gonna wait till the DDL is ready. I don’t like working with torrents.

  8. One of the better Kamen Rider movies in recent years. I think I enjoyed this more than Kamen Rider W A – Z! (Although I really liked that one too.)

    Hopefully Fourze has a good movie this summer too!

    • I agree that it sounds interesting, and I might check out a few episodes, but I really can’t see myself watching 30 years’ worth. Somehow that doesn’t sound to me like it’ll fly.

      • Yeah it’s 800+ episodes that’s like trying to watch all the episodes of the Simpsons.
        Also wasn’t the series parodied in W as that movie series Philip and Shotaro see and Akiko gets Shotaro hooked on a series like Abarenbo Shogun and they both watch the entire series? Or was that just a parody on the genre?

  9. So I’m converting this movie to DVD for a friend.
    They are going on a trip and this is my chance to expose them to Toku stuff (one of us, one of us). Any way is there a way to keep all of the nice fonts/text after conversion without getting that pixelated default font?
    Also this movie makes me want to buy all of the S.H.Figuarts of OOO forms.

  10. Man, those Harlequin girls… I would totally answer yes to whatever the conditions are, if the prize was to fuck one of those… I am a pervert.

  11. not bad – this was really good from my perspective – thank you for the subs and download.
    ^comment above lol everyones got their own opinion

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