Kamen Rider W Returns – Kamen Rider Accel

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Unfortunately, my desktop wasn’t feeling very cooperative tonight (undoubtedly due to my neglecting to defragment its hard drive often), so all you’re getting for now is the script and this lousy paragraph. Cry me a river, I’m outta here.

Special thanks to Frumix for helping with the timing~

(This is the raw if you’re too lazy/dumb to look it up on this very same page,Β and the patch that goes with it, if you feel like helping seeding)

56 thoughts on “Kamen Rider W Returns – Kamen Rider Accel

  1. FFF of all the times to be stuck on the only computer in the household that crashes when torrenting.

  2. OOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Been waiting for this one! Thanks :)

  3. Dude, you are superman! I was so waiting for this movie! I hope your computer feels better soon :-)

  4. Oooh. Do I wanna wait till I see Movie Core Wars 2011 first?!? Damn you Over-Time for being so quick to bring this movie out! At the same time thank you!

  5. I wondered why the site wasn’t working for a bit, haha. πŸ˜› But thank you for the script! I’ll watch it tomorrow night, it’s like 3 AM and I need to sleep for work.

    • @anon: no sleep and dumb people make Ignis go grumpy
      @AK: server got rebooted and mysqld wasn’t running, sorry about that

      To all the resident nitpickers, you’ve got until my lunch break to point out typos I may have missed :V

  6. Awesome, was waiting for this!

    Just a quick typo note, around the 57 minute mark, when he says “You made me remember…” it says “You made remember”.

  7. great movie. I really got a kick out of the slightly more mature story line that the film was able to offer. If I had to give it a knock it would have to be the shaky cam. I know that’s kind of the style and it’s a dramatic thing but it does kind of make my head hurt after a while. Other then that A+. Loved the return of the RPM heel spin and really loved the little moment of levity with Jino’s fight. Kind of great to see him finally get his hands dirty. I’ve got two small questions.

    1. I’ve always wondered what is that little claw that Jino carries around for?
    2. . . . . .Does he really say “What the fudge!” Either way much loling was had.

    Thanks for the super fast subbs yet again, can’t wait for Eternal ( well obviously we have to but you know what I mean lol)

  8. 1. It’s a backscratcher.
    2. It can probably be translated to many things. Some could have used What the Fuck or What the Hell.

  9. Thank you so much! I started using you guys’ subs since Gokaiger started and I’m really impressed at how fast you guys get these out.

  10. You guys are great. You pulled this off right on time for a manly kamen rider marthon with my friends! thanks!

    • Limey: They’re on purpose, of course. I meant nitpickings pertaining this release in particular, which I’ve yet to mux.

  11. @Andy. Cool I figured that was what he was using for but I thought it might have another intended purpose like he was supposed to be using it to look through evidence but he’s lazy so he uses it for back scratching.
    I also figured the “What the Fudge” could be a censoring thing it does seem like something he would say though. I do think it lends credence to the good writing on this show. Jino is a side character and obviously not as important as the mains but he’s written well enough that I was genuinely upset about what happens to him. . . .after the burst of laughter from his reaction lol.

  12. So, can I apply .ass to a file before I do anything with it? I ask because I normally download an episode, toss it on a thumbdrive and then put it in my PS3 for fullscreen love. Can I apply the .ass before I do that?

  13. I just want to thank you guys for the awesome subs. This reminded me of the good old W-Time releases XD I think you guys are the best fansubbers ever! Keep up the great work! This was such a great movie, and it was nice to see the W gang again!

  14. Could someone on this page possibly take the .ass script and put it on, say, MegaUpload? My computer can’t access MediaFire. If anyone could that would be a great help.

  15. Is there a direct download for the raw? Unfortunately, I am unable to use torrents even with the amount of seeders you have as it would take me a week.

  16. My first time downloading one of your subs. I downloaded CCCP, but the video was upside down.

    It seems every time I have it named exactly like the .ass file, it’s upside down. I don’t know if anyone else seems to have this problem or not.

  17. Thanks again guys.

    Gotta love that outtake reel. Especially Shotaro and Phillip’s transformation goof.

  18. Nice. Thanks.
    But one comment on the show…….Terui looks terrible with that sleep deprived eye. It’s like his eye is going to pop out anytime soon

  19. @chippykai.. use internet explorer. I cannot download this torrent while using mozilla firefox too.

  20. Obviously he shops the sporting goods section of S-Mart
    “Shop Smart. . .shop S-Mart, YOU GOT THAT!”


    But seriously, that was fantastic. Can we get a Kiva Returns: Kamen Rider Ixa movie?

  22. @ neosonic and ChippyKai; others who may not know

    There is an issue in Firefox with the AdBlock Plus addon when using Nyaa. Disabling AdBlock Plus before going to Nyaa causes everything to work like usual.

    Alternatively, you can have AdBlock Plus just igore the Nyaa website completely, which also fixes the issue.

    Or, when you loading a torrent from Nyaa, go to the url in the bar, and replace the word “torrentinfo” with the word “download” and your torrent will download.

  23. Typo above. You can have AdBlock Plus ignore Nyaa.eu.

    To do so, go to Tools in Firefox, then click Adblock Plus Preferences.

    A box will pop up, when thats happens look to the upper left and click Filters, then Add Filter.

    In the newly added filter, copy and paste this: @@|http://www.nyaa.eu/

    Then click Apply. AdBlock Plus will now ignore Nyaa and everything will work properly.

    Sorry for the double post, I am quite tired right now and simply forgot to include this in the above post. Hope it helps.

    Also, thanks to Overtime for providing excellent entertainment.

  24. Thanks,was expecting ooo ep30 and gokaiger ep9 and totally didnt expect this! btw Accel booster reminds me of go-on gold XD

  25. Can anyone care to explain how to patch the sub file. I downloaded CCCP, the ass. file and the raw video, but I dont know what i am doing wrong

  26. You guys got a srt sub file for this.Torrents are banned in my home after a film was dl and it was a real nasty porn film with a toku tittle.

    • @dr rider: if you can play .srt files chances are you can play .ass too. Grab the script above.

      Did you download Chichiranger or something? :V

  27. The look on Shotaro’s face when he goofed while doing the “henshin” pose, priceless!

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