Kamen Rider W Returns – Kamen Rider Eternal

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So this is a thing I guess. Still have yet to watch any W stuff made available after the last episode, ask somebody who has. Looks like a prequel to A to Z I guess?

Torrent is now swapped, but if you completed the download the patch is only 16mb so seriously do that rather than the torrent.

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    I love you, guys! Time to download this!

  2. Will greatly appreciate if someone will be kind to supply the ddl link…thanks in advance…

    • Yeah same here. I thought it was hilarious that it cuts off while katsumi was laughing like a maniac.

      • oh god I was timing that part and I remembered it because I had to listen to a full minute of laughing and I couldn’t fast forward because I hadn’t watched the movie what if someone said something while he was laughing argh I hated that part oh well nevermind

    • well,that the controller is an ipad don’t means he hates it.
      and btw is apple (of japan) sponsoring k.r.?first ooo now this…

  3. Since it took me a while to figure out how to apply the patch, here are instructions:

    1. Download the xdelta3.exe file from link to code.google.com. Download the audio patch as well from link to mediafire.com.

    2. Rename the exe file to “xdelta3.exe” without the quotation marks.

    3. Make a new folder on your computer.

    4. Put the v1 Kamen Rider W movie into the folder. Put the patch in the folder. Put the xdelta3.exe file in there too. ALL the files have to be in the same folder.

    5. Open Notepad.

    6. Paste “xdelta3.exe -d wre_audiofix.patch” into the text area without the quotes.

    7. Go to File > Save As.

    8. For the Save As Type, change it to All Files (*.*).

    9. Name the file whateveryouwant.bat

    10. Save that file into the same folder with all the other stuff. Make sure it’s a .bat file and not a bat.txt. To make it a .bat file, you have to unhide file extensions on your user account (Google it).

    11. Run the .bat file. Wait a bit until it finishes patching. The new movie file should be 966 MB. If it is 0 kb, then it is still patching.

    • Why would you make a batch file to run a one line command instead of just opening cmd.exe and typing?

      • Can’t get the patch to work, keeps telling me it can’t find the file specified. WTF am I doing?

      • Because I didn’t know how to. lol

        Finding how to use the xdelta3 exe took longer than actually patching the file.

      • @Calypso – Did you put ALL the files in the same folder? Also, the only thing you should have renamed is the xdelta3 file.

  4. That is just awesome to wake up to after a night of drinking and coming home 4 AM… THANK YOU

  5. it`s just a question,but can anyone tell me where to get v1 movie (version,i presume?)
    because everyone refers to v1 while i have v2 as torrent

  6. Hella Tight!
    Out of curiosity, if I was to watch all 4 movies in a row, what order should I watch them?

    • I assume you mean out of just A to Z, Core, Accel and Eternal and that you’ve seen War 2010, in which case A to Z, Core, Accel and Eternal.

      • If you want canon order. Eternal, A to Z, Core Accel. If you want release date time its how you said.

      • sorry,but i have to interfere here.
        eternal comes next to a to z because phillipe askes to that woman,mina if she`s reffering to daido katsumi,and that can only be happening if phillipe knows daido katsumi as of then.
        and in the end of the movie you saw that daido says that the next target is fuuto city.
        if eternal(movie) comes before a to z they will be prepared in the a to z movie and thats not he case.

      • ah,and core(movie) is indeed not the best thing to watch as stated a little down the road.
        teamups are mostly non-cannon and in this case it is (ahum,tried to) as in story(or rather BACK-story?)of skull

    • Okay time to get technical then.
      Canon Order.
      Core,Eternal,A to Z, Eternal, Core, Accel.

      Two of the movies span 2 separate parts of the continuity time line. I gave Eternal the part before A to Z since it gives the back story on Daido Katsumi.

      But that is only if you count Core as actually being Cannon. Well I consider the Skull part of Core to be cannon but not really much else.

  7. You guys continue to be my single most favorite toku-subbing group in the universe. C:

  8. Thanks for this Over-Time! You guys consistently put out top notch subs, and I really appreciate it.
    Quick question: When will people learn to be patient, and not ask retarded questions about release dates? ;D

    • as soon as sub-groups learn to give more info on in what state the actual subbing process is.

    • that can indeed be.
      the version that now is downloadable is v2(as in version).
      so they saw that something is wrong and made it easy for us guys,be gratefull.
      and not so greedy and unthankfull like ankh and the other greed.

  9. my file do not have the audio problem even though the file is 989,364 mb…. but i did do the 11 steps shown above..

  10. wow…that google link is FAST !!

    * never knew i could download a gig of data in less than an hour *

    great movie by the way…THANKS !!

    * never heard of KR-W before *

  11. finally finished watching this, so awesome!!! thanks for the hard work guys 😀
    and I hope this isn’t the last time we see KR W… (because it is too awesome!)

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