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Another year, another show! This year we got magic and donuts. Because, you know… donuts are round… like magic circles… and can have all sorta weird lines over it… like magic circles… yeah.

We’re honored to have the galactic translator Caphi onboard as our editor for Wizard. We hope his fabulousness will rub off on the script some and make Wizard as puntastic as it deserves, nay, needs to be.

As a friendly announcement to all the patching people: we’re no longer including the xdelta3 binary with our patches. Feel free to grab a copy of the binary from xdelta’s website or from one of our old patches. Also, there’s no OP because shit can’t be heard with all those blasts going around, and not even the elevens got an idea of what that song says right now (lol “bouquet ride”).

With that said, please disregard the shitty review above and enjoy the show!

Edit: Caphi wrote some words about Wizard, in case you’re interested.

99 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Wizard – 01

  1. Gotta say I watched the raw and its amazing how many nods to previous heisei riders there were in this ep. Garren, Faiz, Kuuga, Hibiki, Den-O and the nonchalant attitude of Wizard reminds me so much of Decade. This will prove to be a very interesting series

    • I understand what you mean by Garren and Decade. But Faiz? Kuuga? Hibiki? Den-O?
      Beside these, the DragoRise looks kinda similar to Kiva’s dragon castle.

      • Den-O was linked to in two areas:
        Form changes – rather than weapon it’s element, but there’s four and they each have a colour and a different set of mask and armour
        2-stage battle – the fight continues in a different dimension whereas in den-O it was time.

        Decade i saw but not in his attitude, but his weapon – iirc ixa was the only other rider to have a switching sword/gun thing and he wasn’t main, so decade and wizard both have similar weaponry. The right-hand magic is also like the attack rides.

        Garren i agree with too the beginning of wizards rider kick is almost identical to that of Garren’s Fire-Drop combo

        I’m not seeing faiz either and i’ve not watched kuuga or hibiki (although Flame-style’s mask does kind remind me of hibiki’s mask) – although a friend did also say kuuga due to the form upgrades he’ll be getting apparently

        I saw elements of kiva in it due to the creature and magic base.

        • His flame mask actually reminds me more of kaixa from kamen rider 555. Perhaps that was the faiz reference right there.

      • Faiz – Probably the similarity between how the Phantom and the Orphenoc are created.

        Hibiki – Come on, since W every series has their disc animals.

        Didn’t watch Kuuga yet.

  2. Is there going to be an SD release of this? I watch these shows on an android tablet at work and said tablet can’t play .mkv files

    • there are free movie players on play store that can play mkvs, and with o-t’s basic stylings the subs should cause a problem

      MX player is what i use sometimes on my phone, but i’ve not used it in ages as my phone’s spec sucks

  3. That was a fairly impressive debut if I do say so myself. And side note, that is easily the most polite Driver in the whole franchise.

  4. This was a great first episode! I just love how polite the rider system is, saying please all the time. And being able to reach in and retrieve whatever he needs and make himself small. This looks to be a cool season!

  5. Mahou kita!

    Oh man this was awesome. I freakin love this rider, and I love that he’s basically a Blue Lantern. Seriously, he uses rings and his shtick is hope.

    Gonna be one heck of a ride.

  6. I dig it. I dig it a lot. Fun, flashy, quick.

    The toy gimmick is obvious but not all that intrusive.

    So long as they play it right on this whole flow-breaking “entering into peoples’ souls or whatever”, it could be brilliant.

  7. Wizard’s premiere was really good, they did a good job of making him look cool in his first appearance, also. Looking forward to seeing how the show turns out.

    Also, I was bored last night and tried to see if I could make out the lyrics. I posted them to pastebin here, if anyone cares.

  8. When even the Driver is flamboyant, you know you’re in for a fun time. So far I am loving this, and can’t wait for the rest of the cast to show up!

  9. Well that was an interesting first episode. Seems like Wizard is going to be involved with the police somehow ala Kuuga or Agito, not that I’ve seen much of Kuuga or Agito to be certain that’s the case.

  10. Love it so far! I’m expecting a good run. (: Thank you guys for subbing it!

    Out of curiosity, when the driver says ‘fire fire fire fire…’–why was it translated that way? I thought it was saying heat? Was I mishearing it, or was there a creative decision for this?

  11. Questions, since the actor says “Saaa” right before his catchphrase, how about “Now, it’s showtime!” instead as the translation?

  12. One thing that I will now always point out whenever someone brings up “Normal weapons can’t hurt magical creatures” is an episode of Buffy (2×14 Innocence) where in order to deal with a demon creature which ‘no weapon forged can stop’ pulled out a rocket launcher and blew him up.

    When in doubt.. big boom!

    • That was context based observation, and less a “spell of protection” (it may not have been a spell for MacBeth either) like MacBeth’s “no man born of a woman can harm/kill MacBeth.” Whedon may have even been making a MacBeth illusion with that. That was an awesome episode either way :)

      • Ok.. good point. But then.. we do see the bad guys slightly flinching from gun fire so scaling up should bring results 😉

        • That’s because the bullets have inertia and that inertia when the bullets hit the bad guys is transferred to their bodies (or part of the body).

          Or maybe it’s just a japanese kids show made to make the hero look badass because he is the only one able to kick their asses.

  13. Thanks as always for the great work, guys. o3o

    I wasn’t sure about Wizard before (not as much as I was about Fourze in the beginning, at any rate), but, well… now I want those rings. o3o

  14. Awesome episode! im loving wizard so far. Though, i could suggest something for the translation:
    When the belt says “Cho ii ne” instead of “very good” you could get a little wilder with it (like Saikyo-Fabulous) and change it to something more on that tone, like “Astounding”, “Fantastic” or even “Dazzling”

    Just my two cents. Keep up the good work

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