30 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Wizard – 34

  1. Feel free to reply to this post with DDL links for this release, if you have any.
    Any DDLs posted outside this comment thread will be purged as we see fit. Thanks!

  2. is it me, or there is some “bugs” in the SD version ?
    been trying with mplayerX,VLC,quicktime on OSX mountain lion, same glitches on every player i’ve tried.

    feel free to slap me, if i’m wrong :)

  3. idk if u planned it this way or not but its pretty cool how the car has the same name as the main character of this ep >.>

  4. Fantastic episode. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any specifics because of the video playback was all slanted to one diagonal side, colors out-of-sync and just out-and-out disconcerting to follow the storyline. Is there a possibility of remedying the episode problem for a re-download? I was just wondering.

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