28 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Wizard – 35

  1. Feel free to reply to this post with DDL links for this release, if you have any.
    Any DDLs posted outside this comment thread will be purged as we see fit. Thanks!

  2. Downloaded, but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to watch. Bedtime for me now!

  3. So theory time the reason gremlin still has his human mind is because it was so messed up an pretty close to an phantoms any way. Sound possible or did he just get lucky.

    • Yeah it sounds like he went into despair before the Sabbath so it caused a loophole to have Phantom powers without dying in the process.

      • I think the explanation should be more like he was a phantom before the Sabbath. Or he kept his ‘humanity’ because he had no humanity left to lose.

        • I think I’ll go with “he kept his ‘humanity’ because he had no humanity left to lose”

    • What about Koyomi? What do you think?

      My theory is that she could hold her phantom back like Haruto, but did it so intensily that it fell asleed inside of her, leaving her in a kind of lethargic state. So Haruto’s mana can make her body active, but her conscience is dormant.

  4. Guess i’ll be the dick this week. This week and the previous week of kamen rider w release didn’t work on my ps3.

  5. damn it, the victim actress this time when she get a haircut … so freaking cute , I’ve almost fallen for her:x

    • Funnier than that, is Nitou look like the MAIN HERO of the show, by getting the girl, being help by the sidekick, getting most of the lines and screen time, and having a way more cool fight scene with all of his combo. Damn Haruto should fix his presents more or he be KAMEN RIDER AKARIN~!

      • Nitou surely workd a lot, but I thought his appearances were too repetitive.
        Haruto was ok IMO. It’s not like his role in this ep was about protecting a Gate.

      • Well it’s okay to give him the spotlight once in a while, remember that most of the time it’s all about Haruto, especially in earlier episodes XD

    • I almost felt a syncope when I saw how short they had cut her hair. T.T
      So much for having long hair myself. =(

  6. In wizard 34 SD and wizard 35 SD have you changed any settings? They don’t work on my 32″ tv like all the previous ones and I am forced to watch them on my pc which I don’t like, since neither your mkvs play on the tv. For the record you kyuryuger SDs all work on the tv so you must have changed something

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