Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Movie War Mega Max (Bluray rip)

On space-related news: the Curiosity rover has just landed on Mars! The rover is on a mission to study Mars and its habitability. Take a look at the NASA website if you’re interested on seeing history in the making.

HDv2 | SD

V2 Edit:

The audio is now 5.1 in the normal channel order. There are now four subtitle tracks, and they are as follows:

  1. Over-Time Translation – Extra Song Typesetting. This is the default, because it’s pretty okay on the BD source.
  2. Over-Time Translation – Clean. This was the Over-Time track on the v1.
  3. Aesir Translation – Clean. This is Mag’s translation without his effects, like he releases regularly.
  4. Aesir Translation – Typeset Apocalypse. This is the full on typesetting extravaganza that was in the v1.

Do not ask about the difference between these subtitle tracks in the comments. Do not ask even if it is obviously a joke. Do not do it. You will be sorry if you do.

Also, there are now Chapters for your convenience. There will be no patch, because mkvmerge apparently went insane and did things too differently, such that the patch is the size of the file itself. Whoops.

Original Post:

Huge, enormous apologies first and foremost to BenDTU, who graciously dedicated a bit of his time, bandwidth, and a lot of uncle Bens (ha) to send us a copy of the bluray.  Ben: I’ll send you a patch/ddl laterTM with your requested version of the script. Bug me if I haven’t done so by the next weekend. :<

Also apologies to GuSTaVauM for taking so long to push this out. This one sat down for well over a month and a half and it’s entirely my fault. Also to Magenta, who probably won’t care because he’s busy watching his countrymen winning at the olympics and being terrible at football.

This is a dual release including the scripts for the Aesir typeset version of Megamax, and our regular version of Megamax. Feel free to choose your prefered script via your subtitle filter of choice! Very minor tweaks were made to the O-T script: some timing fixes basically, and resampling the signs to match the new source. The Aesir script is the same as their previous dvd release of the movie, because Magenta had the sense to sample his script appropriately beforehand and we’re totally jelly of him.

The SD torrent should come up as soon as I remember on which server I left the SD encode at whenever the encoder makes it. As for the SD torrent of Aesir’s version, that should be up on their site eventually. oh my god you think I have the inclination to do an SD version ahahahahahaha that’s hilarious

50 thoughts on “Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Movie War Mega Max (Bluray rip)

  1. I mean I appreciate the Curiosity rover, space and, Kamen Rider but can we get some Special Buster time?

    • That project’s in the backburner right now. The person who offered us the blurays is MIA atm, and there’s some other stuff we want to tackle first anyways.

  2. Just wondering, do you guys have plans on subbing Movie Wars MEGAMAX Director’s Cut since that thing has like 20 minutes worth of additional footage?

  3. There is some problem with the audio. When W uses his memories, there is no sound effect for Shotaro’s memories (eg. Metal, Joker, Trigger). For example when W changed to Heat-Metal @1:16:69, when W used Metal Branding @1:17:16, when W changed to Luna-Trigger @1:17:26 etc.
    Does this happen only to me?

    • That’s a mistake on their end (Toei’s). It’s in the other release as well.

      If you listen carefully, you can hear them use Cyclone’s sound effect instead of Luna’s too.

        • Well both of the releases (First O-T version) and this one have it. I believe it’s intentional because you’ll notice it’s only the left side memories, which face away from the screen.

          • You are wrong, the DVD version is much more audible, but it’s the result of a messed up downmix in both cases. In the case of the DVD one the channels are mapped correctly, they aren’t on the BD (because blu-ray audio uses a channel mapping that nothing else does by default).

      • So, let’s put the Cyclone-Luna sound error aside first, maybe it’s the mistake by Toei.
        Back to the soundless W-left-memories, I just checked the original OT release and it has the sound effects. So are you guys gonna fix this problem? Please do so coz I wanna keep this version >.<

      • No, the encoder fucked up the audio pretty badly, and it’s audible in the DVD version, though that’s kind of fucked up too (neither of them should be stereo, and it doesn’t sound downmixed properly).

    • This was one of the differences between the full typesetting/semi-clean versions of the script. The new default has Fourze’s font for Fourze/movie characters.

  4. So uh…what’s the difference between both scripts? I’m 5 mins in and I don’t see an exact difference.

    Azrael Edit: This comment predates the list in the post, along with the threat, so it gets to live. Nobody reply to it to point it out.

  5. Maybe an error with my settings, I don’t know. Watching this on a mac with MPlayerX, and in full screen mode the video is pretty shrunk in the middle, with the subs playing underneath. On VLC however, it plays in true full screen. Any ideas?

    • Ugh, my mistake. Mountain Lion messed up my settings in MPlayer and it decided to letterbox EVERYTHING.

      • I had a lot of trouble with MPlayer on OS X, but I switched to VLC when they released the better version for Mac, and it’s been smooth sailing since.

  6. I would have been fine with just the audio fix, but two extra sub tracks are awesome too. I was just waiting for the typeset version to begin with as I love Aesir’s typesetting in general, and i can look at the script to see how it happens and learn from it.

    Good job guys.

    btw what date is the KR – sentai crossover film released? I’m not asking if you’re subbing it, just when it comes out as i don’t know where to look for that kind of info and i thought you guys may know.

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