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No, seriously, there's no need to be upset.


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Much thanks to Steel A Jeeg from KITSubs for his golden showa touch.

Included within the file are two subtitle tracks, one of them with a heavier take on the typesetting for the movie. Other than that, that’s basically it, the translation remains the same.

Since this is a SD release, there won’t be a hardsub for this one. Also, we don’t have any plans on acquiring the bluray for it. Well, we didn’t have any plans, but someone else does now! Thanks to BenDTU we’ll have a bluray encode for this. No ETAs whatsoever at the moment, since the bluray has just been ordered and such, but once we get it we’ll work to release the usual encodes (with an accompanying SD hardsub).


118 thoughts on “Movie War Mega Max

  1. Awesome to see it out just before the SHT stuff.

    But holy crap what’s with the download speed. I mean I download 1MB/s with the regular releases. But downloading 35% of the torrent in less than ten minutes is still rather extreme o-o

  2. God…I wish they just have a movie just destroying Foundation X…Ya know? Just as a main plot line, Or hell even a series.

    • And give up having bad guys running through every series and giving us great movies like this as well.

      You must be crazy.

  3. I love how under Sakamoto’s guide the entire cast of OOO have become master hand-to-hand fighters.

    • Except the Births. They were practically comedy relief they got beaten so hard both times.

      • It’s painfully obvious when the plot requires the Births to get beaten.


          • Prototype has modules, but only Drill Arm and Breast Cannon. Or is there a reason he shouldn’t be able to use them that I’m forgetting?

    • Actually, this is perfectly canon under two conditions.
      1) OOO Wonderful happened (Gentarou had met Eiji previously)
      2) A to Z happened in continuity with the non-movie OOO universe

      Movie War Core can still be non-canon.

    • I haven’t finished yet, but I presume the Super Rocket switch will be magically whisked away at the end. I’m towards the end of the Fourze part and so far everything that’s been shown absolutely oozes canon.

      It’s amazing what happens when the staff of a production actually give a damn about the thing they’re working on.

      • I thought I saw Horowankov for a second, destroying canon. But then I realized it was just extra Burgermeals!Now we have proof that there are many.

      • I’m assuming Super Rocket switch used up all the cosmic energy in the switch itself as the Astro Switches needed to be fine-tuned, etc. And Fourze got hit by an explosion in an spaceship.. So he probably lost it for good.

        • Yeah, I figured something similar. Though they probably left it ambiguous for when/if they bring it back.

    • What part of “download a small torrent and watch”
      is hard… I am failing to see how they made it “too hard for you”

      Should they have delivered it to your house? maybe you shouldn’t have opened your eyes today as that would also be a bit hard for you your majesty

      • For some reason, the file was different file type that usual and didn’t want to play. Sure all I had to do was download a thing and change some settings, luckily I’m not a berk. Still an unnecessary hassle after waiting 5 hours for the thing to download, I’m fairly certain they did this to fuck with me.

        • Yes. They specifically targeted you here.

          The cat’s outta the bag. Internet’s over, go home, guys.

  4. Why is it whenever OOO transforms, i can’t hear the sound effect of the first medal?

  5. The only difference i can see between the two subtitle tracks is styling. so by “typesetting on” is that all you meant?

    I would have loved to see aesir’s fourze typesettitng, and possibly even aesirs’ old OOO typesetting for the medals and birth driver.

    • Magenta’s expressed an interest in adding his typesetting to the movie on his blog (and inventing effects for W), so go to the post on his blog where he talks about it and give him your vote.

  6. OH MY GOD I am laughing so hard right now. Sorry for the spoiler, but it wasn’t the finishers of the riders that defeated the final villain, it was the villain’s own fricking giant spaceship jet XDDDDDDDDDDD
    Am I the only one who finds this funny? roflmao

  7. Thank you overtime. Can anybody kindly post to MF. JumboFiles isn’t friendly with my internet connection.
    Thanks in advance…


    Seriously, there are no words. This movie was everything which makes Kamen Rider awesome rolled into one and then made MORE AWESOME.

  9. Theoretical Situation: Some crazed fan of yours buys the Blu-Ray and sends it to you. Do we get a Blu-Ray release?

    • I don’t see why not though you could just as well apply the subs to any blu-ray rip that might surface yourself, considering the timing on the movies shouldn’t ever be different

    • That’s happened before, so yeah, that works for us.

      My message was more like “we can’t collectively afford a bluray movie that only one of us will get to keep anyways” and less “we’re too lazy to sub the bluray”

  10. That Combo Rush of Eiji’s around the 1:18:30 mark was pure fucking splendor. I LOVED seeing OOO finally go all out.

  11. in some moments the movie was getting colour changed in my media player classic even though I have installed all the codecs. What should I do to fix that?
    Anyway thank you again it was the best kamen rider movie I’ve ever seen!

      • please help, i have always some problems with ot`s standard player so please tell me the ”standard” set-up for you guys!?
        and not standard as in program but somebody who can play tokusatsu from any group like o-t but tv-nihon and wpp *(for anime) and any other too please?!?

  12. I have a question for anybody that could help me. I’ve only just started watching Kamen Rider, and I’ve only watched Fourze, and I haven’t seen any of W or OOO, and I heard that the OOO part spoils the ending of the series. Would it be possible for me to just watch the Fourze parts, or would the movie just not make sense to me if I skipped the other parts?

      • I’ve heard nothing but great things about W, and I’ve heard OOO is pretty good, but I really don’t want to wait till after I watch those two series just so I can see one movie without spoilers. But I appreciate it, and I will get around to watching those series eventually.

    • If you skip to the Fourze part and then just watch continuously, you’ll understand about 95% of what’s going on. There’s a single element of the plot that you won’t get, though, and I’ll try my best not to fuck up HTML when I explain it.

      Mouse over for explanation.

  13. I have a problem with the following scene:


    “What the hell man?”


    “Oh. Ok.”

    How the hell does that even make sense?

    • I don’t see how that didn’t make sense. Genny screams, Shotaro goes WTF, Genny explains, Shotaro just goes with it.

    • I think it was less “Oh, okay,” and more “Whatever, freakazoid.” Gentaro is definitely one of the more exuberant Kamen Riders we’ve had in a while.

  14. Really enjoyed this movie – maybe my favorite Kamen Rider movie yet. Thanks for the release.

  15. I loved your fansubs and waited forever for this film only to be crushed these 10bit files are a nightmare i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy isn’t there anything that can fix this terrible 10bit hell please for the love of god do a mp4 of this in good quality :(

  16. So did no one else notice that for some reason Nigo’s helemet is black and not matching Ichigo’s. Am I the only who cares and/or doesn’t understand (prolly but oh well)

    • The darker helmet was what #2 used up until his appearance in Black RX from memory. From that point he had an identical lighter helmet. I presume they went back to the dark helmet to sell another Nigo Figuart make #1 and #2 more distinct.

      • Oh I see, well I just started with original Kamen Rider series so guess thats why I didn’t see it, thanks for the info. Oh speaking of, I have been able to find subs of every showa era series but 2: X and Black RX. Would you or anybody happen to know where I could find these?

        • Order of Zeronos has done up to episode 6 of X, but I don’t think Black RX is being done by anyone at this point.

  17. hi guys:-) just wanted to tell you guys did a superb job on this movie! keep up the good works!:-)

  18. CANT WAIT FOR 1080P TV-Nihon version!

    and… SPOILERS!

    This movie is better than all OOO DENO kamen rider 40th… cos that movie is a guilty pleasure with plot holes all over.

    As for movie war core… I watched it again last week with the extended cut and.. well it’s not that bad, less fights but i do like the skull part… the ooo part was weaker but the theme of love in it is strong. Rider core was a let down fight but i still really like the skull segment.

    With this one, it is great OOO and W do grow in character and relate to previous scenes, it is also great that foundation X is indeed becoming the next shocker! Having foundation X appear in the Fourze series was great too.

    as for people hating fourze… well… i enjoy fourze, got the same feel as Den-O… silly but there is heart to the characters and I do feel for them…
    however in this movie, the WBX theme then ANYTHING GOES them is like WOW YAY CHEER!!!! then fourze with magic hand and pogo stick thing is just.. well there goes all epicness… BOOOO!!!
    BUT! the showa riders get nice screen time, W as a bonus is great and actually serves a purpose.

    The new riders from the future are… the water one bridges the gap with showa and hensei, but only looks ok. showa riders get in a trap is kinda like hey! how can fourze beat that guy and 7 showa cant!
    also.. wasnt KUUGA in the clips in the 1st episode of fourze, WHY IS KUUGA NOT IN HERE! WAAAAAAAAAAAA HE IS MY FAV RIDER OF ALL TIME!!!! (real kuuga not decade kuuga)
    PS, my fav riders are: Kuuga, W, BLACK, Decade, AMAZON then HIBIKI.

    Alien girl was kinda good, with more screen time, she is stronger as a character than Oda from war core.

    as for avengers… well, while avengers is indeed an epic high budget team up with great actors, it’s not doing anything new, if anything all the rider and sentai teamup movies have beaten to them, HOWEVER avengers budget is on a WAYYY higher level and not just similar explosions we see in the series. That is not to say the fights in rider are bad at all!

    i just hate the fact they say avengers are doing this big build up in movies 1st when riders kinda already done that, and other jap franchisees too.

    so avengers is higher budget but more rare, and rider is lower budget but more frequent. both are fun!

    • TV-Nihon has basically devolved into self-parody at this point. I laughed histerically at a lot of the bits in the Aesir/TV-Nihon April 1st joke, not realizing they were actually straight from the TV-Nihon release and had been completely unchanged.

  19. I see OOO is still spelt incorrectly.

    Welp, time to find+replace unless Actual-Time or Aesir does it first.

    • considering the aesir version of OOO also used ‘Os’, I really don’t know where this bizarre optimism is coming from

      also didn’t actual-time just kind of fade away after nobody gave a shit? i was under the impression it was like two separated episodes of fourze and then they gave up

  20. Err… sorry if my question is stupid…
    from this pict :

    Did you mean that you’ll release a HD version (BDsource) if that so… it’s really great to hear that… ^__^

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