Pirate Sentai Gokaiger – 01

Red Superheroes > Blue Superheroes, sorry Batman

You guys saw this coming, right?  Personally, I’m a little worried that I’m starting to bite off more than I can chew.  Hopefully my personal little pirate crew can keep this ship on course, and keep me from taking a long walk off a short plank.

These nautical jokes doing anything for ya?

HD v2 Torrent | HD DDL | SD v3 Torrent | SD v3 DDL | Script v2

Edit: In case you think they didn’t get enough for that ring, and you have the HD, you’re not wrong and here’s a patch to change the word “a” to “ten” in that one line. Oh god I want to kill myself. Gonna do the SD up again with this change if you’re on that.

Edit for another Edit: a fixed SD is up. Enjoy your sound and your ten million yen. Also, give a pat to Azrael, he deserves it~

64 thoughts on “Pirate Sentai Gokaiger – 01

  1. Let us die all together~ We’ll do the HD thing later along with OOO if people would let me fucking time ooo already :negative:

  2. “KAIZOKU Sentai Gokaiger”


    Azrael Edit: Jesus Christ how many times would you like to make this exact same complaint. I actually want to rename the show Pirate Squadron Gokaiger now specifically to spite you.

  3. It’s “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger”. It’s a title and you guys never translate “kamen” in kamen rider.

    Thanks for the release

  4. you should totally change name again to Superhero-Time 😛
    Speaking of, any chance of a ‘Superhero-Time’ version released weekly where you just release both as one file? would be pretty cool

  5. We don’t translate Kamen because they changed the English title of the Masked Rider franchise to Kamen as of W, not because it’s the title and titles that include magical Japanese words are magically fucking sacred.

    And no, a Superhero Time full release isn’t going to happen because there are different encoders for the two shows and we’re not going to merge them to seed separately for a gimmick. You could do it with mkvmerge yourself if you’d like, it’s not even hard.

  6. You guys are freaking awesome. I don’t care if we have to get this series on Mondays. You guys overwork yourselves to get nothing in return. You work Over-Time. This is so much better than having to wait a week for everything to be subbed. Now I can ditch TV-Nihon altogether. Arigato de gozorimasu desu!

  7. Thanks for everything . . . but seriously . . . watch out before you get burned out. Just focus on “the good stuff” . . . because when it starts becoming work, it’s no longer fun . . .

    thanks again!

  8. I understand why you rendered this as “Pirate Sentai” and your logic behind Masked/Kamen Rider. In that case, why did you turn the word “Trump” in the end theme to “Card-themed”? I’m not complaining, as I’m super-grateful for you guys taking this one on and getting it released so fast. I’m just curious about the logic.

    • @GoldSushi: Because trumps in Japan refer to playing cards in general, as opposed to a specific ‘trump card’.

  9. I concur on the awesomeness of you all! Gokaiger if they continue with the great fight scenes and the production value as a whole is gonna have me hooked! Just seeing all those old rangers back in action was awesome!

    Keep up the great work and if it means waiting a day or two longer to get my fix of OOO and Gokaiger then it is well worth it as both shows are great!

  10. Hey guys, when you translate and produce a sub series to the public for free, feel free to translate it however you want 😀

  11. Over-Time is the best time. Also anyone else agree that reading AzraelNewtype’s responses brings a smile to the face?

    Though if you’re that adamant about keeping as much Moon as possible out, why not go whole hog and pull a ‘Burstosaur Squadron Rampager’?

  12. Nathan it’s not a case of keeping moonspeak out, it’s a case of using the official names as names. Like TaToBa being a name, and therefore unchaged while the animal names are translated.

  13. ALRIGHT!!! You guys really DID sub Gokaiger! Now you ARE the best fansub group so far!

    This really get me pumped up! THanks, guys!

    And by the way, seems like you’re running into technical problems frequently these days. Are you okay?

    • @Koko – grab our HD, it’s softsubbed. Just disable the subtitles in the player of your choice if you need the raw.

  14. Thanks ^^, I like Over Time Sub and I am waiting for SD torrent with hard sub in it hehe…hope have SD torrent file by today haha…^^, cos my Lappy don’t want to support HD ><

  15. Well that’s a relief. Good thing you are all doing fine, even with all that tech problems and all.

    AND…yeah. I really hope you can push through with Gokaiger AND OOO, AND stick with those two only. Because anything more than that, and you might get burned out. Just IMHO.

  16. Take note to Over-Time Fansub

    you got one thing wrongly translated in your sub…

    *行動隊長, Kōdō Taichō is actually Action Captains

    Taichō = Captain, those who watch bleach anime should know this too as well…and not Action Commander ^^, just try to correct error and make this Over-Time Fansub better than Tv-Nihon hehe ^^

  17. haha, hope I will get into a small credit in the title in V2 :p haha…just joking…for error checking XP

  18. Except it’s not an error? Taichou means commanding officer – captain is, yes, a perfectly accurate translation of that in certain circumstances but then so is Commander.

    In this case, they are commanding a fleet – I think Commander is a far better title than ‘Captain’ which implies command over a more intimate group of soldiers.

    tl;dr there’s more than one way to translate things

  19. haha, I think in a context of pirates, Captain Marvelous and Action Captains…I know I might be wrong ><

  20. Yeah, but Marvelous is the captain of 4 dudes and an annoying robot, and the Action Commanders have half the Imperial Fleet and a ton of mooks at their disposal. Captain works fine in something like Bleach where it’s a small, close-knit team, but not when dealing with uncountable masses of faceless mooks imo.

  21. Thanks a lot guys!
    I found a tiny little mistake in your subs, however: ‘Issen man’ means ten millions, not one million.
    Keep up the good work!

  22. This was…surprisingly awesome. I’ve never watched any Sentai stuff before (Except MMPR when I was a kid) but this caught my eye and I was intrigued. Definitely going to keep up with it. 😀

  23. ‘I found a tiny little mistake in your subs, however: ‘Issen man’ means ten millions, not one million.’


    Any chance of a fixed version for us episode hoarders? Good episode though !

  24. “I actually want to rename the show Pirate Squadron Gokaiger now specifically to spite you.”

    He would just complain that you weren’t using “PAIRATO” in the subs

  25. great job as usual guys. um not trying to be negative but maybe you guys should prioritize OOOs. G.U.I.S. did a fairly decent job on Gokaiger 01 even tho i prefer you guys. but theyre kind of inconsistant so this may be a one week deal. anyways keep up the great work.

  26. I have watched significantly worse speed subs before, and enjoyed them. I count myself a grammar Nazi as much as any other (former) English major out there, but you know what? I don’t let it interfere with my watching of a sub that is a) fast, b) free and c) put out there by chaps who are risking copyright infringement and tiring themselves out to provide me with Toku I wouldn’t otherwise be able to watch for an extremely long time and in adulterated form.

    So in short, thank you Over-Time and please, Goku, do us all a favor and crawl back into your parents’ basement.

  27. I suggest that Over-Time have it another own group of translator team for Gokaiger (if can )and Kamen Rider 000 is handle by the original staff, so that they will on time releasing it… but the translation check by handle by old staff of over-time Fansub le…I bet ppl will start to help Over-Time Fansub…

    Speed of subbing Kamen Rider 000/Gokaiger
    This is the rank by Fansub from the fastest to the slowest as well

    1. Over-Time Fansub ( The fastest ^^)
    2. G.U.I.S (dunno, their speed, so I ranked the 2nd
    3. TV-Nihon Fansub (speechless)

    Guys, we should give this Fansub an award as well le, they have put in much effort le…^^

  28. To:Captain Marvelous

    Haha, I also started watch Sentai not long before you, I suggest you should watch Samurai Sentai Shinkenger…I started watched after their appearance in Kamen Rider Decade…

    As a Kamen Rider fan use to say “It is because of Decade Fault”

    Erm, seem you are new to Sentai, I suggest you can watch this few sentai, which for me it is the era where Sentai getting better than Power rangers (Power Rangers now like to CC or Carbon Copy some part of the Japanese Script)

    Suggested Sentai to you:
    Engine Sentai Go-onger
    Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
    Emmm…and of coz Gokaiger (^^)

  29. As a Kamen Rider 000 fans as well…
    All the Gokaiger will turn to all the Kamen Rider 000 combos [ Dunno, this will happen in the movie or an crossover episode again, but this time is Sentai visiting Kamen Rider World]

    GokaiRed- OOO Tajadoru Combo
    GokaiBlue- OOO Shauta Combo
    GokaiYellow- OOO Latoratar Combo
    GokaiGreen- OOO Gatakiriba Combo
    GokaiPink- OOO Sagorzo Combo

    The information that I read from Henshingrid.blogspot.com anyway

    I hope this will make you more insane to watch Gokaiger as well XD

    This is image taken and make by Henshingrid…
    link to 3.bp.blogspot.com

    The picture above in the blog, I think Gokai Red and OOO Tajadoru Combo happen for a reason, because Gokai Red will turn to him as well haha ^^, Eiji, actually not only you can wear the suit haha XP

  30. [quote]um not trying to be negative but maybe you guys should prioritize OOOs[/quote]

    translation: “um not trying to sound like a spoiled brat but could you guys prioritize my favorite show? whine whine”

  31. There’s a torrent for the ten million yen thing. However, as it’s a torrent I’m seeding, please be aware that it’s going to be fucking slow, to put it kindly.

    Protip: get the patch and the ddl, that’ll be faster :V

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