Pirate Sentai Gokaiger vs Space Sheriff Gavan – Blu-ray

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The script isn’t meaningfully different from the DVD release, because there wasn’t a weird difference with an added few seconds of dead air up front like with Flying Ghostship. The only change is to accommodate the next thing:

The HD release has a special feature: there are two editions. The default will just play the movie as you’d expect. If you’ve seen the movie before, you know that during the ending credits, the movie zooms out into a small box as things continue to happen. The secondary edition uses a special feature on the BD to avoid that. The audio isn’t perfect, however. There’s a slight lead-in of silence on the edited version that doesn’t exist in the main, so you’ll hear a slight hiccup of about half a second. It’s not the default for a reason.

You can access it in mplayer by appending the flag -edition 1, in smplayer via browse>editions, or in MPC (or I guess any player that uses Haali) like so:

Right Click the Haali in your task tray and you'll see this, pick the edition you want.

The SD doesn’t give you this capability, because mp4 doesn’t have equivalent functionality. Such is the trade-off for the ability to play on your toaster.

Thanks to Shinken Red_452 for supplying the video that makes this possible at all!

49 thoughts on “Pirate Sentai Gokaiger vs Space Sheriff Gavan – Blu-ray

    • I believe they don’t do DDLs for movies; they didn’t for the Ghost Ship movie or for OOO’s DC. Probably a file size thing; they’re pretty big in comparison to a standard episode.

      Plus, with the current DDL situation, though a new site has been chosen, maybe they’re just being cautious?

  1. Awesome! Will there be a 1080, or is it like Flying Ghostship where it would have been pointless?

  2. So wait, is the “clean ending” version actually on the Japanese Blu-ray, or is it just a special zoom you guys threw on there for funsies?

    • It’s on there, but as a stand-alone piece of video, much like the 199 Heroes Super Hero Getter thing that I encoded before realizing that was the ending of the movie so I could have done this same thing there.

  3. Waiting for your DDL links Fans.. and hoping can get Kamen Rider Fourze DDL link for peeje too since the comments was closed for that post. Thanks a lot in advance Fans. 😀

  4. KRSentai, help me. Please provide jumbofiles link. If this continue, I will not upload the file anymore. Even me, downloading this movie using torrent right now.

      • He’s asking krsentai though. While we have our qualms with some file uploaders for reasons already stated, it doesn’t mean other people share them.

  5. I’m getting corrupted images on the blueray edition too, running a macbook pro using MPlayer OSX Extended. Here’s a screenshot showing the kind of thing I’m experiencing. link to imageshack.us

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