Pirate Sentai Gokaiger vs Space Sheriff Gavan – DVD

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Note: this patch is against this raw. If you have the xvid version it won’t work, but the script should at least match the timing. If you have any other version, it’s a craps shoot.

As with Flying Ghostship, Shinken Red_452 will be supplying us with the BD after it comes out (next week), so if you’re not the kind of person who already downloaded a raw to have it as soon as possible, it’s probably not worth jumping on yet.

Thanks to MCS for the Gavaning up of this joint.

Unrelated, I’d be done with Mass Effect 2 (what has two thumbs and forgot to play any of the DLC with his first character?) now and onto Mass Effect 3 if it weren’t for finishing up this thing, so I hope you’re happy.

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      • It was….I was so pumped up for the climax, I even over looked how camp what the catylist was for it, and then….they gave me crap.

  1. Tried to torrent the Raw and it dosen’t play it just shows like an image with the audio the image changes every few minutes.

  2. To be clear, I’d beaten Mass Effect 2’s main quest four times by yesterday. It’s just that my first ME1 character that I imported first into ME2 was finished well before any DLC came out, and I checked on a lark last night to see if I remembered to go back and do Arrival. That’s when I learned I hadn’t gone back to do anything at all.

    It’s all done now, in the middle of the introductory shit in 3 but it’s 0500 local.

  3. dear OT
    sorry since im a beginner to download your script@mediafire….
    when i try to download it . it states authorized download… (and it couldnt be taken from mobile phone)…
    any suggestion to take it?

  4. Does Luka really call Denji Blue Denjiman bread guy? I was under the impression that she was saying “Denjiman ao no hito”.

  5. Wow, that was quick. I thought the normal turnaround time for a movie to DVD release was circa 6 months

  6. I tried this in Media Player Classic I get video but no audio

    I tried this in Windows Media Player I get nothing but a blank window.

  7. Edit: Someone put the RAW Torrent on Furk [https://www.furk.net/df/53651c42e3eab7ff]

    RAW in ZIP format [Note: EmbedUpload is a multi-upload service.]
    Part 01 – link to embedupload.com
    Part 02 -http://www.embedupload.com/?d=4UNKHOHBVN

    • well that IS what he is saying, and yes I know it’s a pun on the word for ‘Equip’

      But like who would ever use Equiptroplate?

      • Although it honestly makes me curious on how would Over-Time or MCS translate “Sekisha” or “Shouketsu” (henshin calls of Sharivan and Shaider, respectively).

        But…oh well. πŸ˜›

      • I think it’s not an indirect pun, but he’s really saying “equip!”. That term seems more appropriate since he’s “donning technical armour” anyway. πŸ˜›

  8. Having audio issues, getting this choppy sound throughout the entire video. Just reformatted my computer a week ago so I’m not sure what codecs I’m missing, only installed CCP.

    Don’t have problems with any other videos and this only happened on another video. The only similarities between that video and this video is the video length…I think
    (The video that I’m also getting this problem is: link to mazuisubs.com)

    • The audio is bog standard ac3, I can assure you CCCP handles that. Perhaps that one is using ac3 also, but I could not give less of a shit to download it and check myself.

  9. Dude what the fk did you do to this file? VLC can’t even play it? Why would you randomly all of a sudden now decide to start using different codecs from all of your other releases. Some of us use LINUX and do not have all of the B.S. features that come with the evil entitie known as Microsoft windows. Help a brother out man.

    • Protip: I use linux too, and this entire post (and the next one after it) makes you look like a total idiot. Doubly so since the same sidebar that suggests CCCP for windows suggest mplayer2 for linux. Triply so since the codecs in question are h.264 and ac3, neither of which are new. Quadruply so because I just tested and VLC is fine, you’re just possibly woefully out of date. So no, I will not “help a brother out.” Brother, help thyself.

  10. Again….CCCP is a codec pack for WINDOWS. Not everyone in the free world uses that crock of bat urine. Please dude, WTF?

    • Have you considered looking into different players at all? The sidebar explicitly states “DO NOT USE VLC” for OT-releases; there’s some pretty good alternative players for Linux, too, that work marvelously with OT-releases. Try MPlayer.

      • Yes I am well aware that there are different players on linux =) Guess what? none of them work. This includes Mplayer.

        • As the guy who made the file, I can assure you you’re wrong, and probably not smart enough to run linux.

  11. Windows viewing only is what the sidebar should recommend =) Don’t worry about it. In the time that it took you guys to respond, i just straight up build a computer from crap parts, put crap wondows on it, and now i am able to watch the Gokaiger/Gavan movie. The hoops we jump through for the stuff we love eh?

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  12. GREAT MOVIE! ULTIMATE FAIL on your file though. I’m sorry dude but after all the B.S., it’s your file that sucks. Yes, I’ve checked every piece of it. Learn to use an operating system other than windows and i think you’ve got some potential! I’m sorry to say that this is goodbye though. Thank you for a year of great files, amazing translations, exceptional coding, and just plain old awesomeness. You are one in a billion my friend. Keep Rocking, and keep watching the good stuff. Thanks and farewell.

    • I don’t say this often cuz I’m gay…..
      But you’re GAY dude.
      and by GAY I mean LAME.

      • @OtakuMikey Stop being such a child. I don’t know whether to be more offended by your use of the word “gay” incorrectly or your LAME attempt to justify your faulty use of the word by pretending you yourself are gay. No one who is actually gay will use “gay” incorrectly. Now begone, before a house lands on you too.

  13. It’s not really a problem per-se, but this is just to give you a heads-up.

    For some strange reason, this particular video refuses to play in SMPlayer2, yet it plays perfectly in UMPlayer (both are GUI frontends to mplayer2, and are forks of SMPlayer).

    Yeah. It’s just strange. πŸ˜›

    • smplayer2 tends to get stupid with 10bit files that play fine in mplayer2 alone. I don’t quite get it either, but as a result I’ve been ignoring my gui for a while. I didn’t actually encode this video, so I don’t know what’s going on with it aside from being 10bit, but I definitely had problems with, say, [sage]’s Gundam AGE in smplayer2 that didn’t occur with just the program itself, though that’s 720p so I’d hope this 480p thing didn’t choke as much on whatever smplayer2 was doing wrong.

      Of course, since I run yakuake, terminal launching of mplayer2 is always just a few keystrokes away. But of course what do I know about things other than windows?

  14. Any chance there’s a Blu-Ray raw floating around that would be compatible with this script? I don’t mind downloading separate files. I’m just impatient though.

    • sweet zombie jesus, the BD itself came out the 21st in Japan, literally nobody who ordered it has it yet.

      • Geez, okay, sorry. I didn’t know it only came out on the 21st. I was under the impression that it came out earlier than that.

  15. excuse me, im using media player classic and having a 3D prolem, can anyone help me to turn the 3D off?

  16. Heey.. There’s a slight problem, when it opens in VLC, the audio is on but the screen is plain green.

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