sophia – cod-E ~Another Story~ PV

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In this PV, directed by Koichi Sakamoto(!), we get to look at an AU love story between the actor who played Kamen Rider Eternal(!!) and the girl who played Mina(!!!) in the Kamen Rider Eternal V-Cinema. There’s also some funky wire-fu action (hey, it’s Sakamoto after all) and a flying drummer, which basically sums up the reasons why I wanted to do this PV.

We won’t be doing the regular version of the PV – it’s basically just the band playing the song and sophia’s singer bouncing around, so you ain’t missing much.

With all due thanks to Gust for providing the encode.

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  1. Okay, this has probably been said numerous times before on different sites about this, but I can’t help but ask: Why are they wearing the Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger’s jackets? Or vice-versa if this came out first.

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