Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters – 01-24



Here’s batches for the first half of the show, both HD and SD. Included within are the first 24 episodes, and our April Fools Joke just for shits and giggles.

All the individual torrents (except for last week’s ep) will be hidden and then deleted once they’re out of leechers.

Note: Episode 18SD was apparently released without underscores, this was corrected on the batch. The file itself didn’t change.


P.S: Thanks to mak and nuk for helping me figure out some missing fx on the comic above. <3

4 thoughts on “Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters – 01-24

    • I don’t think the guys have actually decided how to deal with that :v

      It’s up to mag and co. really, we can always do the v2s for the full batch if they want to

      • < ~Ignis> okay so I took the liberty to release a half-season batch for gobusters, but someone (rightfully so) pointed out the whole Oh/King thing
        < ~Ignis> I hope I didn’t jump the gun here
        < ~Ignis> I figured you’d want to deal with that after the end of the show or something
        < @Magenta> i’m not the kind of guy, personally, who would want to go back and remove any evidence of that kind of… not even “mistake”. I guess mistakes are one thing, but this is just the show throwing us a curveball and us having to deal with it
        < @Magenta> i think that has merit, in and of itself
        < @Magenta> it’s not worth going to any lengths to pretend it didn’t happen

  1. Thanks for the epi!!!!

    And loved the manga! For some reason, seems like Go buster would give a good plot for manga XD, your art is great too.

    I laughted at Hiromu thoughtsd!

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