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  1. For some reason whenever there’s an ! and ? next to each other they combine into a single character. Not sure if that’s on my end or what.

    • You’re right that there is a distinction – with Heracles being the Greek, and Hercules being the Roman. English uses ‘Hercules’ to refer to the mythological hero, whereas Japan uses ‘Heracles’, preferring the original.

      The problem is that in this case, it’s not a reference to the hero, it’s a reference to the beetle. Again, in each culture, the beetle is named after that culture’s pronunciation of the hero, but I don’t think anyone sensible is going to advocate the existence of a “heracles beetle”. While there might be an argument for leaving it as “Heracles” if it was named after the figure of myth, when it’s named after the taxonomical name for a bug, there’s only one correct name for it in English – Hercules.

      • i see what you’re saying but if you listen to it, and i mean REALLY listen to it, it clearly sounds like they say heracles and not hercules. also (far as i am aware) it is referred to as Heracles on the packaging for the DX toy, despite the beetle being Hercules

        • Yes, they are pronouncing it as ‘Heracles’. However, what they call Heracles, we call Hercules, and I really don’t feel any guilt about ‘translating’ that in the same way I’d probably translate Kerberos to Cerberus if it came up, or what-have-you. No English speaker would see “Heracles” and instinctively think of the Hercules beetle, whereas a Japanese speaker seeing “Heracles” would do so. In this case it’s about a translation of intent (see name —> understand meaning) as opposed to literally using the name as written in kana.

          Also the official spellings use Vaglass and Buddyloid and all sorts of things that have been clearly written in English designed for a Japanese audience, as opposed to one that actually understands the nuance behind the words they’re using.

          • I have had many teachers who wouldp unc the british off of your face for everything you just said. But then again I never liked those teachers, they were kind of assholes.

          • I get why it was translated as Hercules. Because Heracles is some kind of greek mythological god. Wouldn’t sit right given the theme of the robo.

        • For the record, katakana is phonetic, so Mag didn’t have to “REALLY listen to it” to know how it was pronounced.

          I was unspeakably upset when this came up, because somebody finally used the Greek name, but it was for the Beetle rather than the son of Zeus so it was out of place and we had to jump on the Roman bandwagon anyway.

          The scientific name, if it makes you feel any better, is Dynastes hercules.

        • I’d think that translating based on intent takes much more work and time than literally translating stuff. And I’d think that is what real translators should be doing.

    • What, the image of Nick? The flowing golden locks do bear some resemblance to my own, I must admit.

  2. isn’t that the same set as professor maki’s house and where the greeed live in KR OOO?

    • I replied to a similar comment on 4chan, the line’s not wrong as written, but it’s a bit off for tone. I do my initial translation pass off the captions before we have a workraw, so I’m kind of playing from memory about context and tone and what-have-you. I totally forgot to check it during my QC pass, which is my fault.

      It’d be better off as something like “You could make a killer casserole with that kind of time!”. It’s half Yoko being retarded, half pointing out what a long time it’s gonna take for the Megazord to arrive.

      My bad, hold my hands up to it.

  3. Not sure if you guys saw the news, but the ultimate combo is going to be called…..

    GobusterKing. That just seriously fucked up all of the past subs already encoded.
    Toei pulled a hard “Gotcha”!

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