25 thoughts on “Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters – 20

  1. It’s certainly a Superman reference of some kind, but I’ll have to watch the episode in question to figure it out.

  2. Fourze this week: Victory through UNBREAKABLE FRIENDSHIP!
    Go-Busters this week: Victory through SUPERIOR ENGINEERING!

  3. *Sees the image* I don’t see anything referen- wait.. the pose..

    … Say Hello to my little friend!! (Thank you Scarface)

  4. I don’t think anyone tried to usurp leadership of the Sinestro Corps after Mongul was shown what’s what by the man himself…so I’m drawing a blank. Oh well, time to watch it anyways. Thanks guys.

  5. Am I crazy, or is that Ryuta’s Seiyu providing the voice of the monster of the week?

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