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      • We don’t make our HDs into SDs, we downscale our lossless 16bit HD pre-encodes and hardsub that.

        Okay, once or twice it’s happened that I’ve had to downscale an HD, such as the new OOO SD of episode 4 in the batch. At least I think it’s episode 4, it’s whichever one is a mp4 way before they all became mp4s. In that case I loaded the HD in avisynth with ffms2, downscaled with spline64resize, TextSub()ed that, and fed that script directly into x264, because I don’t dick around with guis.

        • You just said a bunch of stuff I don’t understand…… but I’ll look into it. I htink the keywords are: downscaled with spline64resize, TextSub()ed, and fed script directly into x264.

          Thanks for the response.

  1. Calling it now: Jin is totally Ryoko’s illegitimate father. (If we’ve seen her father in the flashbacks and I’m already wrong, it’s still a fun idea. ^^)

    • What gets me are when people watch the episode and come to any other conclusion, because it’s so hilariously obvious

      At the very least he was having it off with her mother

      • How about the possibility that Yoko’s father was their co-worker (and perhaps Jin’s romantic rival) and died not long before Yoko’s birth?


    Am I seeing this correctly, or is my eyes decieving me?

    Did Maaya Uchida (aka Hiroyo Hakase of Akibaranger) made a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo here, as one of the bystanders who is affected by Magnetroid’s magnets?

    I can’t take the screenshot, but I think it’s around 6:25.

    Or maybe I needed some sleep…

  3. …are people even still watching this show

    it’s aweful

    hopefully this ends on episode 25…bring on the next sentai toei plz x

    (massive respect to over-ti.me for everything they do though)

      • 1. Inability to pick a tone and stick with it.
        2. Everyone that isn’t Jin.
        3. Awful mecha designs.
        4. Bad pace, writing (hey, let’s stop in the middle of a critically time-sensetive mission and talk about our feelings!)
        5. Uh… Damn, I don’t actually have five.

        • 1) Varying tone is something that just happens in tokusatsu. Compare episode 27 of Gokaiger with episode 28; watch them in quick succession and you’ll get whiplash.
          2) Jin is rockin’ as fuck, but don’t discount Ryuji, the Commander, Enter, and Hiromu when he’s not a toolbag.
          3) I’ll give them credit for trying something that hasn’t really been seen since Dairanger. And there’s something about Great Go-Buster’s helmet that I just love. This one really boils down to preference
          4) Again, this just feels like standard toku fare. Episode 35 of Fourze jumps to mind. My god, Annoying-Chan.
          5) Hah! See, it’s not so terrible, you kinda admitted it.

          I won’t claim that Go-Busters is flawless, but I personally feel it gets a much harsher rap than it deserves. Toei’s not going to axe it, especially after the blowback that they got for the way Decade and Hibiki were treated, we’re going to have Yoko, Ryuji, Hiromu, and the rest of the gang around for a while. Might as well enjoy them!

          • Cancel a toku series halfway? The TV show is only 1/4 of the chain! Think about all the toys that’s waiting in a warehouse to be sold, marketing deals with sausage companies, and movies that are being cut!

            It’s a bloody industry instead of just a show now!

        • 1. Variety = not doing the same thing every episode. People don’t act robotically the same, and different situations always arise, to which we must adapt in order to deal with them successfully.
          2. Jin, wouldn’t be Jin with out everyone being themselves (there has to be a straight man)
          3. Preference. I think they’re gorgeous, and techy enough to believe, unlike the GoKaiOh for example
          4.Good pace. THIS episode had some poor time concerns I must say. I actually said to the screen “What about the MEGAZORD!?”
          5. It is a nice change. Great villains, interesting heroes, and a slick style over all.

          • 1. Doesn’t mean they have to switch from taking the show seriously to making it all a big joke like they do. People can react differently to different situations without ruining the feel.

            2. I suppose.

            3. I’ll give you Ace. Out of all the mecha, he looks best, far and away. What gets me about every other mecha is how cobbled together they look. The enemy Megazords sort of mask it by looking functionally modular, but Gobuster King and Great Gobuster are terrible, terrible things. All the parts look tacked on hastily, like they put zero thought into how the mecha would combine. Which was really a kick in the balls for me, since I figured Ace was decent, so the combined mecha HAD to be good. Oh how wrong I was. :\

            4. Have you been paying attention to the series at all? Every other episode they’re saying they have something ridiculous like four minutes to travel God knows how many miles and infiltrate a building to save this week’s damsel(s). This is all fine and good until they stop, in the middle of the life-or-death mission, deep in enemy-controlled space, to discuss how the boss hurt Hiromu’s feelings an hour ago. Do that before or after the mission, but for the love of Zordon, not during</i?. Because that's stupid.

            5. Probably the only truly great thing about this show. The enemy designs, up to and including Enter and Escape, are fantastic. Even the goofy dumbell and trombone were both threatening-looking despite obviously being less serious foes.

            • 1.Maybe
              2. :)
              3. I’m just glad that parts aren’t dropping off all over the place. Disparate mechs that can be made to combine, may not look good, but they work. Could it be purposeful that the combinations look bad, as in, we won’t sacrifice the integrity of the engineering behind each zord just to make a better looking Megazord?
              4. I thought Tokyo was layed out tightly enough, that taking 60 seconds wasn’t going to stop them from getting to the Megazord with time to spare.
              5. They’rrrrrrrrrrreeeee Greeeeeeaaatt!

        • Go-Buster Ace is one of the best Sentai mecha design in years and I’ll fight anyone that disagrees.

  4. > Intro scene is about Yoko’s 17th birthday.
    > OP still says she’s 16.

    I thought only anime characters were immune to aging.

    • Possible that’ll be updated in the coming weeks? Jin didn’t appear in the opening credits right away and Escape isn’t mentioned yet either.

      • Gai wasn’t added right away either, it wasn’t until he was an accepted part of the team, just like Jin and J.

        • I’m gonna guess that they’re gonna do it all in one big shot after fourze ends, they’ve introduced go-busters’ super mode, and they have to make new SHT bumpers.

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