Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters – 24


HDv2 | SD

Script is up for anyone who has the busted raw and is bored. No patch will be provided because that’s stupid (For a laugh, I actually tried to make one, it was 385mb). Same with torrent. SD is up first for once because I have to reencode the HD again and since the script was fine this was much faster. Enjoy it, toasterkin.

21 thoughts on “Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters – 24

  1. Wow, it was just one problem after another this week wasn’t it?

    Thanks for the subs, and I hope things go better for you.

    • Technically it was the same problem twice. What’s weird here is that the lossless had the same corruption twice, but both times by jumping directly to the scenes where the corruption happened and encoding a lossless version from there, it doesn’t. I don’t understand semi-deterministic problems.

      Incidentally, the first attempt at fixing this involved essentially crapping the eight seconds between keyframes (though it actually continued slightly past the end of the flashback) separately, and then splitting the original stream and splicing in this new bit. This theoretically worked (aside from me missing about two seconds of lesser corruption) if you are watching it linearly. If you attempt to back up over the joint however, things got wonky, fast. I don’t know why that is the case, but since there were issues beyond that patch anyway I decided not to care too much about fixing that.

      Actually, the worst thing about this is that when I first decided to reencode the HD, I reran my overall encode script without editing out the lossless pass. The first thing the lossless script does is nuke the temporary folder it encodes to, so I was stuck doing all of that over again at this point, even though all I really needed to do was expand the patch another couple seconds. I figured at least this time maybe the lossless wouldn’t corrupt since it didn’t when I jumped straight in, but see above about semi-deterministic problems.

      • Oh god, yeah that sounds like a royal pain. I would be ripping my hair out right about now.

  2. *holds my laptop and stairs until HD comes out* I’m just gonna… sit here. And wait for special buster time

  3. Well that’s a twist, an SD version up before the HD version (as of this post). Usually it’s the other way around.

    • HD encode takes about 3h, SD encode takes about 30m. The difference is that the HD encode is running before the script is even timed, and it’s about a 30s job to mux the subs into the HD raw.

  4. The scene with Hiromu and Shitara-sensei with the photos… it’s Oomori Hill!!! As seen in Akibaranger ep 6. It was also where Hiromu and Jin defeated Spanneroid a few episodes back.

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