33 thoughts on “Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters – 26

  1. I don’t HATE this season…, but it’s not a great season…
    I dig the designs and the overall theme and stuff. There just isn’t the urgency or deep meaningful story line to make it great.
    Who knows maybe it’ll go somewhere…. all I’m saying is the getting there is slooooooow.

  2. I like this show, even though, it looks like more like Bioman or Zyuranger than Jetman or Liveman (darker sentais).

  3. I admire the producers’ courage for daring to show the forbidden love story between an eraser and a man.

  4. Can someone please help me? I’m trying to get the DDLs, but I just keep getting iLivid links. And even if I wanted that, it won’t work cause I’m on a Mac. And I can’t torrent these cause college. What do?

  5. I know complaints on the show’s (inconsistent) tone are like beating a dead horse, but cripes. This show. Is it really a good lesson for Japanese children to have all the characters effectively be passive-aggressive and straight loathsome to each other? Hiromu has sure had quite a few “lessons/missions” about learning how to not be a dick. (Still learning.) The characters all probably live in separate dorms during downtime because they can’t stand each other.

    This is also the second episode in (maybe) the last ten where someone doesn’t tell everyone else a simple fact, therefore everyone panics and/or trouble happens.

    With that said, I enjoy this series for what it is. It is nice for the villain to show remarkable competence on occasion, though I wish the show would undergo a sudden tone chance and just make Enter the prime villain already. Shouldn’t we know more about Messiah at this point? Shouldn’t Messiah actually assume some sort of form at this point?

    Wanted to bring up a video quirk that might have been on my end. I like to use PS3/Universal Media Server for transcoding to my PS3…and at first the episode would jump right to Jin’s glowing face in the opening right when Nakamura is complaining about the pen. I eventually fixed it on my end, but is there possibly something wrong with the episode?

  6. I’m assuming it’s my side but just in case it isn’t the audio on the HD version is werid loots of echo and voices are next to mute.

  7. That Metaroid is the cutest monster-of-the-week I’ve seen in a long time. The little Metaroid that could, d’awwww.

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