Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters – Opening PV

I'm glad we didn't get... beaten to the punch.

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So, as you may know, Kamen Rider openings always have a full-scale PV each year, with their singer/band/whatever performing their opening song in a cheezy incredibly low-budget production which generally involves said Rider performing incredibly awkward and sometimes even relevant choreography.

However, Sentai is normally not afforded such a privilege. This year, however, Toei and Columbia have seen fit to at the very least provide us with a promotional video for the Go-Busters opening. While it does not, unfortunately, feature Hideyuki Takahashi being fabulous, it does feature an extended version of the show’s opening sequence, complete with bonus Enter magnificence and Ryuuji faces.

It’s a step, at least. Do enjoy!

Welp, day’s over! Huge thanks to LobsterHime, who painstakingly recreated this MAD on niconico frame by frame.

29 thoughts on “Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters – Opening PV

  1. “FileServe can only be used to download and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.” — April Fool??

    • video is fan-made as well…can’t believe i watched it until the end.

      it’s just the tv show intro REPEATED several times, sped-up, reversed with the end outro dance-sequence thrown on…what a waste of time…i could’a just watched a repeat of gokaiger instead…az, i do appreciate all your work and will continue to support this forum/site…just i think gobusters sucks balls

      thankyou for gokaiger though…it’s my favourite tv show ever !!!

  2. although I expected aprir foorz from the beginning, I still lol’d. SHUTSUDOUKABLE made me laugh way harder than it should have. well played, sirs.

  3. I’m really starting to hate this day, I have to admit though I did have a laugh with this.

  4. Haha, excellent job of 4/1, much funnier than GekiDan did it.

    At least we have the second part of song translated… Even in April 1st over-time excells it. 😉

  5. Oh god I didn’t even think about April Fools when I downloaded this then it started replaying and I started having a laughing fit.
    If I see that blue gorrila one more time!

  6. Very well said. Although i found it highly Very Unfair that sentai never got to have proper decent PV Music video with their songs every years. Closet one they had was a bunch of kids dancing to Go-onger lap song and a kid running on shore and found treasure chest for Gokaiger OP song. kamen rider on other side they had highly advantage due to contract with Avex records.

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