Super Hero Wars Z (Bluray)

Utchy was a fool to use Futabain on only himself

480p | 720p | 1080p

They were fools to let me be able to make posts. Now this shall become my blog of screencaps of Kotoha. Thanks to Gust for getting and encoding the Bluray. 1080p is still in the works. 1080p is now live.

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  1. Feel free to reply to this post with DDL links for this release, if you have any.
    Any DDLs posted outside this comment thread will be purged as we see fit. Thanks!

    • Again, I did a 720p hardsubbed version for SHiTZ and it’s working too in my PS3, and again, I won’t do a 1080p because “lol hardsubbed 1080p”.
      This encode is for those who can’t play our main release, so I hope you guys enjoy it. And for god’s sake, update your codecs/players/ in order to play our files properly, we can’t help if it’s not playing in your toasters! Read our help section, everything is in there :3

      link to part1
      link to part2
      link to part3

      By the way, JP317, if you could mirror this encode using your MEGA account, I’ll appreciate.

  2. I’m having trouble with both this and the Kyoryuger movie. I can download both of them fine, but when I open them in the player I just get stuck on a black screen. It says they’re playing, but nothing actually happens.

  3. Methinks waiting more than 4 minutes between checks to see if the 1080p is posted would be wise indeed. Because I keep checking back every ~4 minutes or so, and I keep getting disappointed. (All my own fault)

  4. Guys. If this encode doesn’t work outside Windows the encoders have screwed up. On my Mac VLC won’t play it at all (black screen), and on my XBMC that I usually watch the stuff on the sound does not work.

    Please fix this.

    • It’s not screwed. You’re just trying to watch Hi10P/”10-bit” content in your “toaster” 😀
      I don’t know how XBMC works, but please make sure you’re using a updated version or even update your codecs to play the video under it.

      • Regular Kyoryuger episodes are 10-bit releases too, aren’t they? I have no problem with playing them (although sometimes they can be more choppy than before releases were encoded like this), I only had this problem with this movie and the Chompachomp of Music.

        I updated my VLC to the newest version so I can at least watch the thing. But VLC 2.1 is annoying so I had earlier rolled back to 2.0.9.

        • It’s most likely the audio then. The Kyoryuger episodes use AAC Stereo, this and the Kyoryuger movie are Wavepack in 5.1 channels. If it works in the latest VLC on OSX, then you’ve no complaint about the encoding, though the group does recommend MPlayerX instead of that.

          • Yeah, I’d wager it’s the Wavepack thing. And I’ll still complain since it doesn’t work on my XBMC.

            I don’t quite understand why anime/sentai groups are so keen on jumping onto new encoding methods that are not broadly supported yet and require week-new codecs. If the porn community did that it would never fly. 😛

            • Wavpack decoding is fast and it’s better compressed (compared with flac), but I’m still surprised…
              XBMC is supposed to decode it (link to and I really don’t know how to help you with the playback.
              I would suggest you to download our 480p, demux the AAC audio from it and then remux it on the 1080p file in order to have a new .mkv ┐(-。ー;)┌

              • I might have to try something like that then as both VidCoder and MKVExtract had a fit and decided to stop working when I tried putting the 720p versions of the two movies in them.

                Or you know I just might not bother and anyone who wants a hardsub will have to get the 480p…

            • It’s not even new this century, much less this week dug.

              The alternative is FLAC, which is bad about channel masks. wavpack supports the nice standard windows WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE header, so you never need to tell it anything, no matter what weird shit the blu-ray decided to do to you. It’s not relevant here, but this header is the only game in town for >6ch audio to boot.

        • You checked the CRC to see if it’s matching? Maybe your download was corrupted or something…
          Anyways, yeah, regular episodes are 10-bit too. Is your system able to decode 10-bit/720p/1080p content? o_o

  5. Guys, my toaster plays this just fine, but my computer quit making toast. Halp! Do I need new toaster drivers? I just updated the english muffin and wholegrain drivers yesterday..

  6. In case you all missed it a hero and legend died today, Gekidan of JEFusion passed away and along with him a legacy we must all carry, I would appreciate it if Over-Time took the time to post a blog about this man; I would appreciate it.

    • My condolences. Thank you for the heads-up, but to be completely honest we never interacted with the guy at all, nor frequented his news site beyond looking at the ocassional news post. I believe it would be far more disrespectful to post an eulogy for a guy no one on the team really ever met, online or otherwise. Not to say that it’s not sad that the guy died, but yeah, no. Sorry.

      • Are you serious? If it wasn’t for Gekidan you wouldn’t have as many downloads and fans as you already do! Show a little respect…

        • Have you tried asking the same thing on TV-N? The best they did was just share a status on their facebook saying “my condolences”. What Ignis did was the same, she showed her respect in her name and yet in the name of the rest of O-T team in the best way possible, she was even polited, dude.
          Ok, GekiDan created JeFusion website, everyone knows it’s existence and unfortunately he passed away due to his situation, that really sucks, I offer my condolences to it’s audience too, but the fact is that JeFusion website isn’t that great. Most of the things they post are from the same sources that most of tokusatsu news websites knows, and the worst: bad translated texts without any kind of credit to the source, regardless of being news or downloadable content.
          You can count with only one hand’s fingers which website post a well-written/well-translated text to their audience. I know that this may look like badness from me, but I’m being pretty honest in here, so yeah, I’m sorry for this text, but I decided to take this burden from my mind.

        • >implying anyone actually directly cares about download count

          Look I’m sure he was a great guy – every tribute I’ve heard from people who know him made him sound as such and I have no reason to disbelieve them – but as the commenter above pointed out Jefusion was quite frankly a toxic site to the toku community. It fostered the kind of behavior that the community could quite frankly stand to do without, in addition to grabbing whatever jokes and obviously fake rumors 4chan was posting that day and posting them as factual news. Or, hey, when they did post actual factual news it was stolen from more reputable sites without any kind of attribution.

          Like you know if the guy really used all the money he made running that website to look after his family and put his siblings through college then good on him. But that doesn’t mean the website he ran benefited the community, and quite frankly if we all started turning around now and going “man what a guy that gekidan was we will all miss him tremendously” after spending the last few years bemoaning the fact Jefusion even exists, I think that’d be pretty damn hypocritical.

        • If you really think a couple of empty and hypocritical words towards a guy we only knew by passing mentions is “showing a little respect” then welp, dunno what to tell you dude.

    • I’m not a Mac user, so I don’t know how to help you, sorry.
      Wait Az replies your commentary that he might be able to help you.

    • Is your MPlayerX up to date? Take note that it’s no longer in the app store, you have to go here to do so manually. I don’t tend to use OSX, but I do use an ffmpeg backed mplayer fork (mpv, if you’re curious. There is an OSX version, but I think you have to build it yourself still), and it’s fine with this, so I’d be astonished to learn a build of this from last week can’t do it.

      • I never got it from the app store to begin with, so it should have been up to date but wasn’t, so I downloaded the latest version and now it went from video slow to start playing with no sound to nothing coming up at all, not even a window with broken video.

  7. I needed to update my CCCP to play it. It wasn’t that old of a version either, so make sure to download the LATEST version. :3

  8. I’m having the black screen issue. I updated MPC and CCCP like suggested, and I am still having the same problem. I even redownloaded it.

    • Have you tried rebooting?
      I had to update MPC to get it to work as well. This involved uninstalling, going to CCCP and getting their newest version installer (includes MPC and codecs), and installing it. Worked like a charm.

  9. Hmm, this is most odd. I get a black screen when trying to play it and nothing I’ve read in the comments seems to have caused it. Oh well.

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