The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle – 02



Now with bolder fonts and (hopefully) less bleeding! The raws we’re working with are kind of fucked up, so we had to do a thing to them so the signs wouldn’t show out of place. Please let us know if something doesn’t work, though.

In one scene of this episode, our heroes meet three monsters, the ones pictured above: a Cyclops, a Golem and a Rockbomb. Melub promptly advises the others to go the other way, lest they end up in a church – a central place in Dragon Quest games, where you can resurrect your allies for gold, and which also serves as a save/respawn point.

Murasaki mentions that they could beat the rock thing, except they actually can’t – the monster’s a Rockbomb, a monster in DQ known for its high defense and the skill Sacrifice, which can wipe out a full party in just one turn.

Edit: SD’s up. Did we mention these raws are fucked up? :V

21 thoughts on “The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle – 02

  1. What a hideous episode. The most hideous episode of anything I have ever seen. 😛

    Whoever thought this show up is a genius.

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