The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle – 09



As the path to the Demon King’s Castle turns bleaker, the references and punchlines in this show get more obscure. There’s some segments that basically scream “hi, I am a reference!”, which unfortunately we can’t quite place.

The first bandit’s played by Hashimoto Jun, a stage and voice actor. Here, he’s playing as a kabuki actor; he shows the audience his skills on this discipline by emulating Mikhail Baryshnikov, and by singing “The Theater of Dreams” (a song by Umezawa Tomio)

One of the Devil Priest’s assassins has a raccoon head and is called Rascal – this is referring to an anime from 1977 called “Rascal the Raccoon“, which was pretty popular in Japan back in the days. This show is also quoted as the reason why raccoons (an alien species to the japanese wilderness) were introduced in the country, as its popularity led many people to import raccoons as pets.

13 thoughts on “The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle – 09

  1. I love you guy’s work on Yoshihiko, I can’t get enough of this show! Thanks for all the hard work!

    …On the side note. Are the videos for Yoshihiko encoded differently than Wizard/GoBus? I tried to play them on my android phone using MX Player, something that can easily play 1080p/10-bit videos, yet it has trouble processing Wizard/GoBus while it plays Yoshihiko perfectly?

    • We’re using public raws for Yoshihiko, since it’s all we have. They’re raws reencoded for the filesize, per the customary d-addicts fashion, and they’re not 10-bit.

      These raws drove us crazy enough to get a cap for S2, so expect the S2 episodes to be unplayable on your phone as well. I’d suggest you use the SD instead, I honestly don’t think a phone device can decode our 10-bit encodes properly.

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  3. Thanks for the upload! I’m more excited for this coming out than the Sentai/Kamen Rider episodes at the moment.

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