The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle – 10


On which we find out what Hisa’s been up to on the previous episodes. Also, the plot thickens! … sort of.

The sob story played out at the restaurant is based on a famous japanese story, “One bowl of plain soba” (Ippai no Kakesoba). It was a hit at the beginning of the nineties, and it spawned a book and a movie. The story tells the tale of a poor family who’d go to a soba restaurant and order one bowl of plain soba, while lamenting on their father’s misfortune. Back in the early nineties, the story was a big hit in Japan – not so much now with the invention of instant noodles, though! Here’s a recollection of the story, and here’s a translation of the original story. As a fun fact: according to JapanTimes, the guy who wrote the original story was later arrested for fraud.

J-Drama fangirls will immediately recognize Oguri Shun as Baquas, the armamentalist. His spell, Luffme, doesn’t appear to be an actual Dragon Quest spell; according to some fans on Yahoo Answers Japan, Luffme could be a reference to Luffy from One Piece, since Baquas’ clothes do resemble a pirate’s, and the spell’s purpose is to get his enemies to become his allies, very much like Luffy does with the power of ~friendship~.

Yoshihiko’s odd dance is actually a weird Japanese folk dance based on the form of catching dojou, or loaches.

As you may have pierced together by looking at the OP the past nine episodes, the Demon King’s Castle is actually a modern-looking city – to be specific, the city of Odaiba. A lot of japanese anons on 2ch jokingly commented at the time on how this could be a deliberate location choice: TV Tokyo’s rival network, Fuji TV, has its headquarters in Odaiba.

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