The Hero Yoshihiko – Full Series Batch

The Hero we deserve


(Edit: Necroposting this as we never really released the SD batch. Enjoy!)

Each torrent includes both seasons of The Hero Yoshihiko:

Season 1: The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle
Season 2: The Hero Yoshihiko and the Key of Evil Spirits

Note: The batches include a fixed version of Season 2 Episode 1 with the proper framerate. If you have the v2 raw, here’s the patch for the 720p version. This patch will only work with the file [THISFILEHASNOSUBS] The Hero Yoshihiko and the Key of Evil Spirits – 01v2 [7B067E7C].mkv

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed working on it, and as always, we recommend you to stay alert and beware of blue monsters in your journey.

8 thoughts on “The Hero Yoshihiko – Full Series Batch

  1. Feel free to reply to this post with DDL links for this release, if you have any.
    Any DDLs posted outside this comment thread will be purged as we see fit. Thanks!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed both Yoshihiko seasons. I only wish it didn’t come to an end. Maybe there will be a Season 3 some time in the future, who knows… *sheds manly tears*

  3. Can’t recommend this highly enough. Especially the first season. But you’ll probably want to watch the second anyway after finishing the first.

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