50 thoughts on “Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger – 12

  1. Epic Episode. xD Well worth the wait for the subtitles. :3 Thanks for the early/quick upload. πŸ˜€

    This series has been incredible. I may have to go back and get all the episodes again. o_o Or may wait for the inevitable torrent of every episode someone uploads (since I don’t think you guys do that on the site itself)

    • We do batches, though they’re not immediately available because I inevitably end up nitpicking stuff on the scripts before batching. :V

      • That I did not know. Guess I’ll just wait for the inevitable Akibaranger batch. xD Granted, that will be after the clipshow methinks. πŸ˜›

  2. Thanks for the quick release! This episode was awesome. Also at 23:17 It should be an inconclusive battle, not a inconclusive battle.

  3. Whoo! Thanks for a fast release again! πŸ˜€

    The ending, to me, did feel a little rushed. But with all the foreshadowing going on in the last two episodes, it was kind of expected. Still, an awesome, hilarious episode all the way to the very end. Akagi was definitely right; even though the “show” is over (barring next week’s Episode 13), this is one Sentai that I’ll be remembering for a long, long time.

  4. I feel like that was a moderately unsatisfying conclusion and yet I feel like that was sort of the point.

  5. Thanks for doing this show… and providing the ‘final’ episode at a very fast pace.
    That was truly a BRILLIANT ending, if one can really say it is one XD. This show, just like Akagi said, will remain forever in my heart, and I’m not even a nerdy otaku like him hahaha. Very curious in how the actual final episode will be like, here’s hoping for a surprise or some sort haha…

      • My phrasing was off. I mean will you guys make more subbs of different shows if you guys get big enough.

        • IMO (and I am just one of many cogs in the wheel) having fun with what we do is a far bigger motivator than popularity or download numbers. I think we probably do Enough(TM) with the weeklies we have, and occasionally sneaking in a bonus project like Sunred or Akiba.

        • We’ll work on whatever we’re interested in. This won’t necessarily align with what people want us to do, though! There’s so much a 10-people team can handle.

          (On that matter, I think our staff is as big as it can get, and I’m totally fine with it. Not to say I’m opposed to having more people onboard, but having a staff over 30 people sounds like a logistic nightmare! I’m not sure anyone from our staff could pull that off.)

            • I’m just waiting for Wizard to be officially announced to see if they go full moron and call it Wizzzzzard since it’s rumored to be “five” themed.

            • Also, if we’re talking about subbing plans. Do you guys have even a 1% interest in Kanjani8’s Eight Ranger movie?

              • I don’t even know what that is

                spoonfeed me

                Edit: nvm googled it

                >Johnny boyband parodying sentai
                Uhhh I don’t think that’d fly well with Heat at all

            • Honestly, I don’t think we can answer that while we know nothing about it.

              If Heat likes it, it’s a shoe-in. If he doesn’t and I do, we might wing something with him switching over to Go-Busters while I do Wizard or something. Alternatively, there’s the possibility it does nothing for either of us and we don’t do it. V:

  6. Get fucked this is gay… i was waiting for the akibarangers to become official sentai :( why only a shitty amount of eps? 1-49 sounds better this shit is better than go-busters … i like the adult material aswell it makes it a bit more fun

    • i don’t know why i approved this comment

      i guess i just figure it’d be criminal to deprive the rest of the world from this laughter

  7. Sad to see this end so soon, but it was a fun show. Thanks for subbing it for us to enjoy. :)

  8. In an update coming from the official BS-Asahi website, the said episode is more than just your average clip show.
    In the episode, Nobuo Akagi will receive a mysterious DVD and letter coming from Saburo Hatte aka the personification of Toei Company, Ltd. in and outside of the series that says, “If you want to do a season 2, you should have a look at this and consider what you did wrong.”
    Our heroes will watch the DVD and this is where the clip show/commentary begins. Based on the pictures, we will have our first helmetless roll call in this episode. Finally, the last part of the summary says, “Is there still a chance for the Unofficial Sentai to become an Official Sentai? This is your chance! Our three heroes battle and delusion continues!”

  9. I just discovered this series yesterday. After just finishing ep. 12 I have to say I loved it. I may even break down and try and get myself the “DX MMZ-01 Moe Moe Zukyuun ($140 *ouch*)”. Though I am sad that it has already come to an end it’s sometimes better this way. And I’m not sure where they could even take the series in a second season.


    1) Thank you for translating this. This was one of the best, and funniest, shows I have seen in a long time. And the only way I was able to enjoy it was due to your hard work translating it for us. Thank you.


  10. watched the raw of 13 and couldn’t understand a thing…

    but the akibarangers didn’t destroy the ending sign this time.. so yeah it’s done for </3

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