Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger – 13 (Fin)

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– A batch for the show should show up within a week or so. The reason why it’s not being done immediately after this episode, is to fix some typos and tlc’s. In the meantime, feel free to download the show from our tracker, our xdcc bot or on krdl.

– There’s plans to do the live show DVD that’s due November. We don’t know yet if we’ll do the full dvd or just the stage show part, though.

Thanks for watching! We’ll see ya in two weeks or so – provided the party doesn’t suck big time – to put our guns out and party with you lot.

P.S: As an extra thing, our QCer Alkaid ripped the singles for the Akiba ED and Heroic Lily. If you’re interested, here they are:

Akiba ED | Heroic Lily

60 thoughts on “Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger – 13 (Fin)

  1. Man, Akibaranger was short but it was funny as hell…

    Thanks for all your hard work on this show.

  2. Oh Akibaranger, such an awesome show you be. Please come back to us for a Season 2.

  3. It still amuses me that, for the longest time, over-time said none of their members expressed interest in subbing it. Then the series turns out to be amazing. Thank you Over-Time for subbing it.

  4. Aw, thank Alkaid for the singles! Really appreciate it!

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication with subbing this show you guys! I know it wasn’t easy, but you did such a great job!

  5. Over-Time, I literally cannot thank you guys enough for your work. Akibaranger is probably the best thing I have ever seen, and will ever see. It’s been an amazing ride, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we’ll be able to get a season 2. Until then, I’ll still be following you guys till the bitter end.

  6. Hey, the fact that you’re doing the stage show AT ALL is good enough for me lol.

    Thanks so much for the hard work, I really had a blast watching this show! ( And thanks for the singles Alkaid! The Aoi-tan song will be in my head forevermore )

  7. Thanks. Somehow I assumed this episode would take longer to come out, as it relies on dialogue a lot more than others.

    Also, about the single for Heroic Lily: am I the only one disappointed that Karin Ogino is not doing the voice of Satomi for this?

  8. Ah that’s good news about the stage show. I take it someone has offered to provide a DVD rip? I just pre-ordered the DVD last night. 😀

    • I meant to preorder it around august , but my connection’s bonkers so it’d probably take like a week to get that to someone who can actually encode shit sooo basically if someone were to send us a dvdrip we would not complain at all.

      • Consider it done! I’m always more than happy to provide rips for you guys.

        Now.. if only the Gokaiger Final Tour was a “in the future” project, when there was less to sub. 😉

      • Sure it would! High society rider fans beating the poor people trying to take over Roppongi!

        This show’s been too good, thanks to all you lot who subbed it. Nyexcellent work.

        • It can’t really pull from all the seasons as well because of the drastically different tones especially between the Showa and Heisei eras and also the fact that Kamen Rider once got canceled/ went on hiatus for like a decade as opposed to Sentai which has been running nearly 36 years straight.

              • Ah, am I popular now? Someone tell my podcast.

                If I’ve been quiet, its most likely because this place lacks a fancy forum to make posting seem legitimate.

                So…counting…24 series and half a dozen standalone films wouldn’t have enough material to draw from? And the tone change is too sporadic compared to sentai? Sentai, which has switched from friendship drama to completely pandering toy commercial every other year since gekiranger? Sentai, which within several episodes of the same series had a character crossdressing and killing his girlfriend’s brother because said brother was killing people to cure said girlfriend’s cancer? Sentai, which has gone everywhere from ribbon to knife fighting? Sentai, which at some point churned out Flashman, a show no human being can watch without going pants-crapping insane? Sentai, which gave us such heroes as the Guard Dog of Hell and the physical embodiment of the color Red? You think sentai has been relatively stable?

              • Compared to Kamen Rider, yes. Plus, shows like this typically work better with teams. It’s very hard to imagine a rider who can’t take himself seriously like Akibaranger. He’d just look stupid.

        • I think an overzealous rider fan would work best as a rival/eventual team mate for Akagi.
          I think it would be funny to see the two fandoms clashing.

      • they unoffically introduced a rider.. Hakase’s brother, the replacement akiba-red.


      • I reckon it’d be easy.

        – It happens in the ‘Riderverse’ instead of the real world.
        – Instead of being a TV show, the main characters read about Riders on rumor websites
        – ‘Tropes’ are just accepted ways the world works based on observations of the various adventures of the Riders over the years.

        So it’d basically be what Fourze was originally going to be

  9. Thank you so much, O-T for subbing this fantastic series. Akibaranger was a blast and something I will remember fondly for a very long time.

    Thank you for all of your amazing work on this series and all of your others.

  10. awesome!! hopefully’s there’s more in the future.

    and since you guys are doing the stage show, what about the recently released Gokaiger final live tour?

        • Heat told me he could take a look at it provided we get him a pretime, but I think there’s other stuff we should do first before even considering this.

          If/when the time comes, I’ll shoot you a line. Thanks!

  11. I had a good laugh when the Kyoto episode was mentioned. I can think of at least 4 shows off the top of my head that have used that set…

  12. I have watched this episode several days ago, but my internet was down afterwards so I haven’t had the chance to be thankful to you guys. Thanks so much for doing this show, and here’s hoping you’ll do the 2nd season (whether it will come or not).
    Thanks as well for the songs, my… Akibaranger is not just a great show, it has awesome soundtracks as well! Thanks so much guys! ^^

  13. I don’t know if anyone has asked yet (and if so, if they received an answer), but do you guys plan on subbing Bakishin Riser Ryu when it starts next week? I really want to watch that.

  14. Is the “preview song” released yet?
    The one that plays while the preview for the next ep is played.

  15. Thanks a lot for that and other shows, you guys are great and…Ah, foda-se, vou escrever em português mesmo: valeu pelo trabalho de vcs, continuem melhorando sempre, moram no meu S2.

  16. I found out about this series right at the half way point…
    and now it’s finished…
    this series actually got me interested in Super Sentai again (the last ones i watched, not counting PR, was Bioman, and Magiranger vs Dekaranger)
    Sad it had to end, but TOEI! WE CAN HAZ SEASON TWO!?

  17. Wait a minute… are you guys going to sub the Live Action Sengoku Basara Moonlight Party? Cos that’s what I’m reading out of your “hint” in the post. HELL YES!!!

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