Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger The Movie: The Chompachomp of Music (Bluray)

ALL SINGING, ALL DANCING480p | 720p | 1080p

Let’s Samba! There’s no Super Hero Time this weekend, but maybe this can hold some of you over (despite the DVD version already came out a bit ago). The 480p hardsub will be out in a bit. 480p will be fixed! 480p is now fixed! Thanks go out to Shinken Red_452 for providing us with the bluray for this release and Gust for encoding it.

21 thoughts on “Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger The Movie: The Chompachomp of Music (Bluray)

  1. Feel free to reply to this post with DDL links for this release, if you have any.
    Any DDLs posted outside this comment thread will be purged as we see fit. Thanks!

  2. may I know the differences between the DVD and BD version? I just know that the BD has better resolution and picture quality, thx

  3. Goddammit. I just watched it this morning after giving up on waiting for BD since I thought it might be like the Gokai Gobus VS. Thanks anyways I guess

    • You’ll have to be more specific. I don’t have the 1080p version, but both it and 720p should have the same audio, and it plays back fine in MPC-HC with the latest CCCP installed. It also plays fine enough in the latest VLC, albeit it takes a second or so for the audio to kick in when skipping around in the movie.

  4. Thanks alot! Been waiting for this, and now it’s a wonderful end-year present…
    Totally getting the 1080 XD

  5. maan i just cant get into next years sentai tokkyuger everything about it seems wack to me.

    based on trains? ok i guess 4 year olds will dig it but still…
    outfits look STUPID.

    all around looks lame anything ive seen or heard about it :( gonna miss watchin sentai once a week but at leasst gaim is ok …

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