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      • I have the raw, a file called qr01.patch and and file qr01.runme all in the same folder. Whenever I try the runme it says ‘xdelta3.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command.

        • So no. Google xdelta3, put the exe somewhere in your path (C:\windows\system32 is usually a good bet), or in the folder with the patch and raw. And then keep it there, because we don’t pack the exe every week because it’s basically just a waste of bandwidth on both our parts.

  1. I think there might be an error, I downoaded that metafile via torrent and it only includes Kyouryuger and SHT Bumpers. Maybe, I’m just an idiot and there something missing but if there isn’t can you fix this? Also just curious, why don’t you guys do the metafiles for every release? I know I would like it.

    • There’s no error, that’s all that’s supposed to be there as the outro bumper is already in Wizard. We don’t do it every week for two reasons: 1) there’s actually usually no SHT bumpers, so it’d just be the stupid kono ato sugu and playing them together (not worth it) and 2) it took me around an hour to get it working correctly.

  2. I cant believe i still cant play your HD. i have MPC, CCCP, VLC, and i still can’t play it. I guess my computer is just not fast enough.

  3. Thanks guys! Looking forward to the Samba Dinos!

    Out of curiosity, how did you guys come to the decision to use Voltasaur as the name. Also, just a nitpick, but I probably would have chosen Warriors instead of Team. Leaves the title “Voltasaur Warriors Kyoryuger”.

    • You’re absolutely right. It does a much better job of conveying “Hey, these guys are fucking strong” than team. But my opinion doesn’t really matter in this case.

    • Well, I don’t think Sentai can really be translated as warriors. It’s generally a squadron or team or something. Warriors has pretty different connotations

      • How about Force?
        Or do I only like that because my formative years were spent waving Voltron lions around the house?

  4. Fun episode, but this show could veer in the wrong direction really quickly if the right people aren’t righting the ship. Hopefully the series picks up on what Go-Busters did well and just doesn’t throw everything away to start over.

    A few people have mentioned how 90s this show is, and yeah…I can definitely see that. I just really, really, really, REALLY hope that doesn’t mean we get endless filler episodes where kids play prominent roles and just kill every episode dead. That, along other things is why I haven’t watched the entirety of Zyuranger. You can only watch so much blatant filler before you start to scream.

    Also wanted to report a typo at 16:46 (non-meta). That should be “alone”, not “along”.

    Thanks for the subs and for doing this series!

    • Do you like Super Hero Time? Do you watch Wizard? Do you want Super Hero Time put together into a nice little package for watching? Use the file.

    • Absolutely none whatsoever. It’d be inconceivable to think that a Dinosaur Sentai would have references to another Dinosaur Sentai in it. Preposterous.

  5. Just a matter of curiosity, don’t even know if it can be considered relevant. But with the ‘samba’ reference, I believe it can be assumed some reference to Brazil. ‘Vamola’ is kind of a slang way of saying “Vamos la, wich can be translated as ‘let’s go’, basically.
    If someone didn’t knew and finds it relevant/interesting, that’s it :p I do believe that it was meant as that, since in ‘Kamen Rider Samba’, from OOO they do use the portuguese word, amigo.

    • Well, sure, the Samba is Brazilian, but as usual, this series is pretty much biased about Brazil.

      Our (yeah) “Vamos lΓ‘” don’t sound like “VAMOLA!”, and we don’t have “MUCHO”, we speak Brazilian portuguese (who derives from “Portuguese portuguese”, duh), not Spanish. Actually, Brazil is the only country not so “latin” on LATAM and the Samba is the only properly made reference about Brazil :3

      Also, every time you see a guy with sombrero, a big mustache and saying “AMIGO” remember: It could be anything, except Brazilian. Every Brazilian will call this person mexican, btw.

      • I do know that, was just saying, for anyone who was like ‘What is ‘vamola’?’ a little explanation. I do know mucho is spanish πŸ˜‰ In Brazil it would be “mais”.
        It’s such a shame to be biased against Brazil, it’s not the best country, but it does have somethings that could be used. And Brazil dos have it’s uses of lot’s of colors, like a sentai combination πŸ˜›
        Brazilians do have concience that they’re not the most latin of latin stereotype, but still, they’re latins, even without sombreros, mustaches and those things. I’m brazilian too, dude πŸ˜‰

  6. Yay! You are subbing this season. Thanks so much, O-T!

    Anyways, that was bright and colourful and fun. This should be a good year.

  7. I was totally with this show until we got to the hairy dinosaur, WTF?

    Just kidding. That was awesome an awesome ep, thanks OT!

  8. For the past few weeks whenever I play your HDs they end up with pink video corruption, the subtitles are unaffected as is the audio. I’m torrenting them and using the correct codec and player, and there has been a time previously where I did not have this problem. It seems to also cause the metafile to stop video playback after the first transition.

    • Yeah, you’re using a weird and/or outdated player. The meta file takes advantage of a weird, high end matroska feature, if your player doesn’t support it it probably doesn’t support 10-bit either.

      • Happened to me as well, and I’ve never had any issues with OT videos in the past. Pretty weird how consistent it was. Hope this isn’t a problem on ep. 2, ’cause I really got into it!

  9. Could you guys do batches of SHT metafiles based on year (FOR EXAMPLE: Super Hero Time 2012 would include Kamen Rider Fourze 17-48 and Wizard 1-16 alongside with Gokaiger 45-51 and Go-Busters 1-44) But if you can’t do that, could you at least have all of the episodes on their own in a batch without the metafiles? Thanks.

  10. My impressions about 1st episode:
    – the environnment seems less dark than Go-Busters, but I’ve expected to it.
    – There are a few references to Zyuranger (the base, the past), but it seems not to take the same way, well it goes further.
    – The bad guys : how kitsch they are! They seem to come from Disneyland! I don’t think they will be as charismatic as Enter could be.
    – The heroes. 4 guys & a girl. KyoryuRed is a leader in training (he’s not like the proud Geki from Zyuranger), KyoryuBlack is kinda the antihero (like Gai in Jetman), KyoryuBlue looks immature (rather like Blue Three from Bioman than Blue Buster), KyoryuGreen may be the most serious member of the team, and KyoryuPink is very cutie, but she knows how to fight!
    – The monster of the day wasn’t elarged curiously.

    Well, it’s more conventional than the previous one, but it doesnt look bat at all.

    • Also: the box of battery holders in the lair was interesting since it went up to 11 (or 10 normal ones plus an entire row for 11) – either 6 extra machines besides the basic ones or perhaps (probably less likely) even 6 extra sentai?

      • I bet they’re going to be able to swap components in and out of the robo a la gaoranger or abaranger

      • It shows two racks of batteries, for a total count of 23 (with five 11s). That’s (hopefully) a crap load of mecha.

        Hopefully they go with the Gaoranger/Wild Force type of robots, with lots of configurable parts for different situations, more the the random arms of Abaranger.

    • I couldn’t agree more, very crazy……6 year olds would love this show. I cannot compare this to Go-busters. I do not think I will continue watching this show after that first episode.

      • I think this show will offer enough to warrant being watched. It will very likely lack in character development and plot, which is a shame, but I think it’ll make up for it in fight choreography and great music.

        • Go-busters lacked any kind of character development or plot for most of the series, this can hardly do any worse in that regard.

          • are you fucking serious

            go-busters was basically Character Development: The Show. just because nobody was shouting very loudly about how their lives had been changed doesn’t mean their characters didn’t evolve tremendously over the course of the show

            • I think they did a good job with the fight scenes in Go-busters. The show kept me very entertained. There were a few episodes that had too much talking and were garbage. I loved how they used the old Mighty Morphin power rangers Its Morphin Time…….that was brilliant.

              This Dinosaur show is very colorful and extremely fast moving with the scenes. Seems like a Disney theme. I am not too impressed with the crew. Gokaiger, I did not like the crew either. And I could not stand the Pirate theme with that bird. All I liked with Gokaiger was how they flipped through all those ranger uniforms from the past.

              Go-busters was a really good show.

  11. First of all, thanks for the great subbing work as always, guys!
    Second, this looks like it’ll be a good season so far. It feels a good deal more “safe” than Go-Busters, but I can understand Toei wanting to do that and I don’t think it’ll stop the show from being really fun to watch. It was a little surprising to see Red oneshot one of those skeezy freakdino things that the paisley soldiers turned into, but not in a bad way.

  12. I feel that this might be the first sentai I might end up dropping after a certain episode, it might just be the first episode but I can’t shake this feeling that this series is going to be insanely lackluster compared to how amazing everything in go-busters was. Nevertheless, good work on the subs OT!

  13. Not even halfway through the episode and I’m getting the inkling feeling that I will wind up liking the villains in this series more than the actual sentai. Which is probably not a good thing. Blue is awesome though, he looks like a stoner.

    Also, will you guys be keeping up with these meta bumper releases, or is this just a one-time deal?

    • Okay, just finished the ep now.

      What the fuck were those special attacks I don’t even.

      Also wow, I actually like the “reluctant teammates” twist here, I don’t know if that’s been done in the past Sentai (probably?) as I’m not particularly a connoisseur of this franchise (I literally started watching Sentai with Gokaiger, like a good decade or so after I stopped watching PR), but I could see it making for some interesting character interactions and development. Though based on the next ep preview, it looks like they might be throwing that out pretty quickly – which is kind of a bummer. They could milk that idea for a while to both help flesh out the characters (and oh boy, do they need it, because they all look bland as hell) and create some tension/drama for the “adults” – if they wanted to. I hope they do. But they probably won’t. I mean they might push it for the first few eps but they’ll probably wind up tossing it aside pretty quickly. I wish they wouldn’t though.

  14. So the suits and the robot dinosaur and the robot dinosaur voice and the theme song guy are the same. Its still completely different from abaranger. Because the blue guy’s wearing black and the black guy’s wearing green and the yellow girl’s wearing pink now. Plus they got the green gokaiger to put on blue! He’s an easy tool to round out action scenes, after all.

    What else….ah. In lieu of ubiquitous dinoguts, everybody’s shufflin to this:
    link to youtube.com

    And that’s why king of fighters kyoryuu sentai votomsaiger is off to a kinda rushed but otherwise passable start.

      • my error, right the white ranger was part of another sentai series “dairanger”.

        But they definitely should make more episodes of zyuranger with the green ranger including the white ranger from dairanger.

        It was like when Gokaiger changed into zyuranger, it was pretty cool to see.

        MMPR were very good costumes.

  15. Glad to see you guys are gonna sub this series as well. Looking forward to your releases.

    Still would have preferred “Squadron” over “Team” but hey that’s what softsubs are for.

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