Voltasaur Team Kyoryuger – 25-48 Batch


Batch includes v2s for episodes 25, 45, 46 and 47, the details for those were given at previous posts.

Due thanks to the people at Team Kyolug for their hard work this past year~

Translation: HeatMetal
Timing: Makhazol, ShinkenAnon
Editing: Magenta, ShinkenAnon, Lynxara ocassionally
TS: Magenta & AzraelNewtype feat. Ignis
QC: Alkaid, MegaAnon, AzraelNewtype
Encoding: AzraelNewtype
Timestampless raws’ provider: GuSTaVauM

As a sidenote, we’re retiring our good ol’ shuryou to greener pastures (read: we’re switching to a different seedbox provider). Feel free to leech this torrent dry while it lasts!