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Random PSAs

Garo: Flower of Makai will not air this Friday, episode 14 will air next weekend.

In IRC news: Shonen-Kun is currently operating an IRC bot by the name of [O-T]MainRoid, which should have all of our latest releases almost immediately after release. We’re thinking of reestructuring [O-T]Subroid to function as an archive bot, keeping mostly the HD files, and adding more releases from other tokusatsu subbers as space permits. SD files seem to be on low-demand based on the download count, so we’d probably take those away from the archive in order to make space for other stuff. Subroid currently hosts episodes of GomenRider’s Agito, MFC’s Zubat, MBE’s Juspion, among others.

We welcome any input about this from our IRC bot users – feel free to leave us a message about it here or at the irc channel, #over-time @ (Also, thanks Shonen-Kun for your help <3)

The Usual Suspects

Time: 18-19 at encoding, 20-onwards at editing
Shinken: 11-Onwards at the new QC.
Encounter: I’m glacially making progress on episode 20. Feel free to stab me with pointy objects regularly until it’s out!
Deka: The majority of the show is currently at editing plus typesetting. One VS is in the process to be timed and four episodes remain to be translated.
Ginga/Retsu: Ginga 8 on final stages, Ginga 9-11 at editing, Retsu 1 at timing
Everything else: at the backburner for the time being

Picking up for this season

100 Years After: almost done with this one. ETAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa etc etc.

21 thoughts on “In the Summertime

  1. Cant wait to see 100 years after subbed! keep up the great work guys! Always fast and on time <3

  2. Good to hear that Deka’s coming along well, and I’m really looking forward to it. Same for Tokyo Encounter.

  3. “Encounter: I’m glacially making progress on episode 20. Feel free to stab me with pointy objects regularly until it’s out!”

    Is this just episode 20, or have you worked up to 20?

      • Why? Is it a problem of low quality raws? Because I’d watch it at Youtube-quality circa-2008! I just need ma Japanese men playing vidya and talking about life and anime. Will you come back to it if given the chance? Also, could you update me on how many eps have aired atm?

        • Has nothing to do with the raw for 19 and more with a particular segment of that episode. We might go back to it later, but don’t hold your breath on it.

          Season 1 has 24 episodes, season 2 has 2 episodes so far. There’s also a 1-hr special that aired between seasons in January.

      • Cool, just thought I’d check. Take your time. It’s all appreciated, no matter how down the list it is. Seeing as Game Center CX translations seemed to have fizzled out, at least knowing this is on its way is good enough for me.

  4. “100 Years After: almost done with this one. ETAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa etc etc.”

    Thank you based OT.

    • oh good, I was starting to worry I’d missed the release somewhere along the line?

  5. QC is quality control right? Does that mean that more shinkenger eps will be on the way relatively soonish? I don’t mind waiting, I just want to make sure I understand since some of this fansubbing terminology is still new to me.

    • It is a game show about voice actors Sugita Tomokazu (Sakata Gintoki, Master Miller, Kivat and more recently Kiaido in Gokaiger) and Nakamura Yuichi (beloved Buddyroid Beet J. Stag) playing videogames. Unlike Arino in Game Center CX, Sugita and Nakamura don’t have to finish the games they’re playing, so they spend most of the time riffing them and playing them with other voice actors.

  6. Glad to hear progress is still being made on Tokyo Encounter.
    I look forward to the release!

  7. *Pokes Ignis with pointy object just because the post says we can feel free to.*

    Not that I actually know what show it is but I couldn’t help but be totally random. Lol

    *Jabs Ignis a few more times for the people who do care about whatever show it is*

  8. Are the torrents for Deka dead? I’ve been trying to download Episodes 1-3 for over a week now, but nothing.

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